Local Boy Fighting Brain Cancer Hopes to Send His Football Team to Big National Game

Local Boy Fighting Brain Cancer Hopes to Send His Football Team to Big National Game

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Story courtesy of Fox 40

Jesse Salyers was just two years old when he was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer that does not have a cure and causes Jesse, now 7, to need brain surgeries to maintain his quality of life.

But, even with his surgeries, he still suffers from seizures and was told by doctors that he could never play contact sports.

One day, Jesse’s cousin’s football coach noticed he had been sitting in the bleachers for months and asked him why he doesn’t play.  After finding out about Jesse’s condition, they made him an honorary captain team.

Since then, he has become the team’s official kicker.

Jesse’s team, the Rosemont Jr. Wolverines, had such a great season (SYF Division 2 Champs) that they were invited to play in the Bay Area Regional Hall of Fame Qualifiers. After winning, they were invited to the Pro Football Hall of Fame World Youth Championship (the Superbowl for their age group) in Canton, Ohio.

But, because the trip isn’t sponsored, the team has to figure out another way to get everyone to Ohio.

Jesse has decided to share his story in hopes of raising money  for the trip not only so his team can make the trip but to show them he appreciates the support they’ve given him since joining the team.

“My brothers were there for me when I thought I would never get to play football, and now it’s my job to be there for them when they need me. I have had a tough life but all I want in return is for people to help my football family play in the world championship game.”

Jesse and his football team have volunteered at Front Street Animal Shelter several times so they are committed to helping them reach their goal.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the team raise the funds they need.

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