Enshrinement Sold Out

General Published on : 3/22/2004

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has announced that the August 8, 2004 Enshrinement Ceremony of Bob BrownCarl EllerJohn Elway, and Barry Sanders, is officially sold out.  As a result, a record crowd of slightly more than 23,000 will be on hand for the formal ceremony, which will again be held in Canton’s Fawcett Stadium. 

Requests for tickets, which went on sale December 11, 2003, were such that the Hall of Fame immediately took steps to increase the number of reserved seats it could make available to the public.  Steps taken include a slight adjustment to the stage location that resulted in an increase in the number of sideline seats available.  Additionally, on-field reserved seats for the general public were added.

In the two previous years that the enshrinement ceremony was conducted in Fawcett Stadium, the Hall of Fame was able to leave a limited number of seats open for free general admission the day of the event.  However, due to the extremely high demand for tickets, which includes a waiting list of several thousand, the number of free general admission tickets has been reduced and will be distributed in advance of the event to individuals from the existing waiting list.  There will be no free general admission tickets available the day of the event.  

“Response to this year’s ceremony has been incredible,” stated Hall of Fame President John Bankert.  “We anticipated a high demand based upon the popularity of this year’s nominees, and we were not disappointed.  Even before the Class of 2004 was announced, thousands of fans from the Denver, Colorado region, speculating on the election of John Elway, began inquiring as to how to obtain tickets.  Once the policy was announced, the flood gates opened.”  

The August 8, enshrinement ceremony will again be televised by ESPN beginning at 1 p.m. (ET).