1976 NFL Expansion Draft

History Published on : 1/1/2005

The Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers each selected 39 players in an expansion draft held on March 30-31, 1976. The other 26 NFL teams each froze 29 players from its roster. Seattle and Tampa Bay alternated selections from the remaining pool of players. When the first player was chosen from a team, that team then froze two new players. The Buccaneers and Seahawks continued with their selections until three players had been picked from each of the existing teams.


The Seahawks picked veteran linebacker Mike Curtis (left) from the Baltimore Colts. The moved paid off as Curtis blocked a last-second field goal to preserve the Seahawks' first ever regular season win.

The Buccaneers selected defensive end Pat Toomay (right) from the Buffalo Bills' roster. Toomay started all 14 games at right defensive end for Tampa Bay in its inaugural season. He contributed three sacks that year.

Player Pos College Claimed From
Wayne Baker DT BYU 49ers
Carl Barisch DT Princeton Browns
Nick Bebout T Wyoming Falcons
Lyle Blackwood DB TCU Bengals
Ed Bradley LB Wake Forest Steelers
Dave Brown DB Michigan Steelers
Don Clune WR Pennsylvania Giants
Rondy Colbert DB Lamar Giants
Dwayne Crump DB Fresno State Cardinals
Mike Curtis LB Duke Colts
Jerry Davis DB Morris Brown Jets
John Demarie G LSU Browns
Norm Evans T TCU Dolphins
Ken Geddes LB Nebraska Rams
Neil Graff QB Wisconsin Patriots
Don Hansen LB Illinois Falcons
Gary Hayman RB Penn State Bills
Fred Hoaglin C Pittsburgh Oilers
Ron Howard TE Seattle Cowboys
Ken Hutcherson LB Livingston State Packers
Gordon Jolley T Utah Lions
Gary Keithley QB Texas-El Paso Cardinals
Art Kuehn C UCLA Redskins
Kerry Marbury RB West Virginia Patriots
Al Matthews DB Texas A&I Packers
Sam McCullum WR Montana State Vikings
John McMakin TE Clemson Lions
Eddie McMillan DB Florida State Rams
Bill Olds RB Nebraska Colts
Jesse O'Neal DE Grambling Oilers
Joe Owens DE Alcorn State Saints
Bob Penchion G Alcorn State 49ers
Bob Picard WR Eastern Washington State Eagles
Rocky Rasley G Oregon State Chiefs
Steve Taylor DB Kansas Broncos
Dave Tipton DE Stanford Chargers
Charles Waddell TE North Carolina Chargers
Larry Woods DT Tennessee State Jets
Rolly Woolsey DB Boise State Cowboys
Player Pos College Claimed From
Larry Ball LB Louisville Lions
Joe Blahak DB Nebraska Vikings
Bubba Bridges DT Colorado Broncos
Bubba Broussard LB Houston Bears
Louis Carter RB Maryland Raiders
Steve Colavito LB Wake Forest Eagles
Mark Cotney DB Cameron State Oilers
Mike Current T Ohio State Broncos
Anthony Davis RB USC Jets
Ricky Davis DB Alabama Dolphins
Earl Douthitt DB Iowa Bears
Bruce Elia LB Ohio State Dolphins
Larry Ely LB Iowa Bears
Howard Fest G Texas Bengals
Ira Gordon G Kansas State Chargers
Jimmy Gunn LB USC Giants
Harold Hart RB Texas Southern Raiders
Durwood Keeton DB Oklahoma Patriots
Vince Kendrick RB Florida Falcons
Morris LaGrand RB Tampa Saints
Willie McGee WR Alcorn State Raiders
John (J.K.) McKay WR USC Browns
Bob Moore TE Stanford Raiders
Manfred Moore RB USC 49ers
Frank Oliver DB Kentucky State Bills
Dave Pear DT Washington Colts
Cal Peterson LB UCLA Cowboys
Dave Reavis T Arkansas Steelers
Council Rudolph DE Kentucky State Cardinals
Dan Ryczek C Virginia Redskins
Barry Smith WR Florida State Packers
Ken Stone DB Vanderbilt Redskins
Doug Swift LB Amherst Dolphins
Dave Thompson T-C Clemson Saints
Pat Toomay DE Vanderbilt Bills
John Ward C-G Oklahoma State Vikings
Lawrence Williams WR Texas Tech Chiefs
Dan Yochum T Syracuse Eagles