Class of 2006 Clippings

General Published on : 1/1/2005

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Troy Aikman

"Troy Aikman: How Good Is He?," by Mike Rabun, Football Digest, May/June 1989

"A Duel In The Sun," by Austin Murphy,Sports Illustrated, August 21, 1989

"Troy Wears Its Star," by Ed Werder, The National

"The Greening of Troy Aikman," by Mike Fisher, The Complete Handbook of Pro Football, 1993

"Most Visible Player," by Jill Leiber, Sports Illustrated, February 13, 1993

"Athlete Of The Year," by Mickey Spagnola, Sport, January 1995

"So What Else Is New? Aikman's The Key In D," by Ken Sins, Football Digest , February

  "Mr. Lonlyhearts," by John Ed Bradley, Sports Illustrated, January 15, 1996

"The Wrong Read," by Paul Attner, The Sporting News, October 21, 1996

"Aikman Back On Track," by Darryl Howerton, Sport, September 1997

"Running Out Of Ammo," by Mickey Spagnola, Pro Football Weekly, December 19, 1999

Miscellaneous articles about Aikman's retirement


Harry Carson

"Harry Carson / A Profile," by Vinny DiTrani, New York Giants game program, September 11, 1977

"Harry Carson, Giants' Answer To Bill Bergey," by Jack Hand, NY Giants game program, December 17, 1978

"Harry Carson: He Plays the Impossible Position," by Jack Hand, New York Giants game program, September 23, 1979

"Harry Carson: Strength of the Giants' Defense," by Dave Klein, Football Digest, October 1980

"Harry Carson: Learning to Cope With A Giant Identity Problem," by Larry Wesiman, USA Today, November 23, 1983

"Harry Carson: The All-Pro Linebacker Plays With a Burning Intensity," by Jack Hand, Gameday magazine, September 1985

"Giant Carson Big on Pride," by Jim Smith, Rocky Mountain News, January 20, 1987

"The Game I'll Never Forget," as told to Barry Janoff, Football Digest, October 1989

"Where Are They Now? Harry Carson," by Michael Eisen,, November 4, 2003


John Madden

"Madden Is Raider Pick," by Glenn Dickey, San Francisco Chronicle, February 5, 1969

"John Madden: Young & Knowledgeable," by Walt Daley, Pro Football Guide, November 11, 1969

"A Clash of Contrasts," by Mike Rathet, Associated Press (Oakland Tribune), January 3, 1970

"Brass Ring On Very First Try - Madden Is AFL Coach of Year," by Jim Scott, The Sporting News, January 10, 1970

"College-to-Pro Coaching Jump Minimized," by Mal Florence, Los Angeles Times, January 17, 1971

"Madden: Raiders Mr. Anonymous'," by Bob Oates, Los Angeles Times, August 19, 1972

"Madden's Last Harrah As Raider Coach," by Glenn Dickey, San Francisco Chronicle, December 31, 1973

 "The Identity Crisis of John Madden,"  by Mike Rathet, Pro Quarterback, November 1977

"John Madden: A Good Guy Among The Bad Guys," by Gene Fox, Football Digest, December 1978

"John Madden Retires From Coaching," Oakland Raiders Press Release, January 4, 1979

 "Hey, Wait a Minute! I Want to Talk," by Sarah Pileggi, Sports Illustrated Special Issue, September 1, 1983

 "Madden deserves Hall pass," by Ira Miller, San Francisco Chronicle, January 29, 2006


Warren Moon

"Moon To Become An Oiler," Houston Oilers Press Release, February 6, 1984

"Million Dollar Moon," by Ray Buck, Inside Sports, October 1984

"The Quest of Houston's Warren Moon," John McClain, Houston Chronicle, January 1987

"Moon Lights Way For Youth," Jim Gigliotti, Gameday National Issue Volume XXI, No. 4, 1990

"The Big Moon Launch," by Paul Zimmerman, Sports Illustrated, November 5, 1990

"Lunar Eclipsing," by Hal Lundgren, Gameday National Issue Volume XXII, No. 6, 1991

"Moon Shines Under The Run-And-Shoot," by Barry Wilner, Football Digest, March 1991

 "Moon Rises...Moon Falls," by John McClain, Gameday, December 13, 1992

"The Black Man's Burden," Brad Buchholz, Inside Sports, September 1993

"Is Moon the Man?," by Bob Sansevere, The Sporting News, May 23, 1994

"The Ageless Man In Moon," by Jamie Lawson, Inside the Seahawks, September 23, 1997

"Life Does Begin At 40," by Jerry Magee, The San Diego Union-Tribune, November 8, 1997

"Moon Makes End Of Career Official," by John McClain, Houston Chronicle, January 25, 2001

"Moon Leaves Legacy As He Says Goodbye," by Jonathan Rand, Kansas City Star, January 25, 2001


Reggie White

"White Heat," by Paul Zimmerman, Sports Illustrated, November 27, 1989

Various articles about Reggie White and Free Agency

"Reggie!," by Dan Dieffenbach, Sport, December 1995

"Man's Man," byPete Dougherty, Football Digest, December 1997

"Minster of Defense ends epic career as a Packer," by Tom Silverstein, Milwuakee Journal Sentinal, April 19, 1998

"Fighting Back," by Tim Froberg, Packer Report, August 29, 1998

"The Great White," by Lee Remmel, Packer Report, December 6, 1998

"White helps Panthers by walking away," by Pat Yasinskas and Charles Chandler, Charlotte Observer, March 2, 2001

Various articles on the passing of Reggie White


Rayfield Wright

"A 6-7 Safetyman For Cowboys," by Jim Minter, Atlanta Journal, 1967

"Cowboys Sign Ft. Valley Giant," Dallas Cowboys Press Release, March 16, 1967

"The Wright Place?," by Steve Perkins, Dallas Times Herald, August 6, 1968

"Rayfield Wright," Dallas Cowboys Press Release, October 18, 1972

"Rayfield Wright: Alone In a Crowd," by Bob St. John, Pro Quarterback , December 1972

"Still Wright Man in Right Spot," by Bob St. John, The Dallas Morning News, November 9, 1974

"Foes Find Wright Can Be Frustrating," by Gary Long, The Miami Herald, January 14, 1976

"Rayfield Wright: Is He The Best Offensive Tackle In Football?," by Earnest Reese, Atlanta Constituation (Football Digest), March 1976

"Wright On!," by Roger Kaye, Dallas Cowboys Weekly, October 16, 1976

"Wright To Leave Costly Gap In Dallas Line," by Frank Luska, Dallas Times, August 2, 1977

"Wright Still Limping But Hopeful For Future," by Frank Luska, Dallas Times, August 11, 1978