Quotes about the Class of 2008

Enshrinement Published on : 1/1/2005

Fred Dean

 “He’s the best pass rusher I’ve ever seen.  He’s like a thoroughbred who races only on Sunday.  When things are right, he’s awesome.  You just put him in there and watch him do his stuff.” - Bill McPherson, 49ers defensive line coach commenting on Dean in a 1985 story

 “It’s a pretty simple deal. First I get the guy in front of me out of my way.  Then I go after the quarterback.” - Fred Dean

 “Fred is a big-play man.  We rely on Fred to cause any number of things.  One, he can sack the quarterback.  Two, he can hit the quarterback and force a fumble.  Three, he can force the quarterback into a bad throw resulting in an interception or at least an incompletion.” – Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh

Darrell Green

“I don’t think anyone makes a game plan to go against Darrell Green. You can’t make a living going against Darrell Green.” – Emmitt Thomas, former Redskins secondary coach and Class of 2008 Enshrinee

“When you talk about corners today, you start with Albert Lewis and Darrell. And I don’t think Albert Lewis matches up each week the way Darrell does. That’s why I think for what we ask Darrell to do, he’s the best.” .” – Emmitt Thomas, former Redskins secondary coach and Class of 2008 Enshrinee

“Darrell is a big part of the tradition and the success of this organization.” – Norv Turner, former Redskins head coach

“He’s the first guy in every drill and has just a tremendous attitude about playing in this league. He obviously has the respect of everyone in this organization and throughout the community.” – Ron Lynn, former Redskins defensive coordinator

“When you talk about Darrell Green, you’re talking about a rookie, but you’re also talking about one of the best.” – John Madden, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Class of 2006

“He doesn’t stay down. That characteristic has always been evident.” – Ron Harms, former Texas A&I head coach

“The way Darrell Green plays, he’s so quick, you’re not going to shake him. He’s going to be right there.” – Jimmy Smith, former receiver

“He overcomes any disadvantage because of the way he plays. Darrell’s level of play evens things out quickly.” – Yancey Thigpen, former receiver

“He’s got great, great feet and switches direction so well. When you come out of a cut, and if you fake one way and he closes that way and you go another, he whirls around so fast that it’s like he never went the other way. It’s like he was on the same path the whole time.” – Alvin Harper, former wide receiver and teammate

“I love playing against Darrell. Defensive backs and receivers will talk and cuss and fuss to get you out of your game. But he’s not that way. He plays the game. He’s not a dirty guy. You’ll be walking back to the huddle, and he’ll be smiling and say ‘Good route, good play. But I’ll get you next time.’ “ – Irving Fryar, former receiver


Art Monk

“He’s big, he’s strong, and he’s fast. I used to call guys like him semi-tight ends in my day. He’s a wide receiver with good size and strength. When you have a guy with that ability you want to get him that ball as much as you can.” – Bobby Mitchell, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Class of 1983

“I call him Mr. Redskin because of the way he plays on the field and because of the classy way he conducts himself of the field.” – Lamar “Bubba” Tyer, Washington Redskins trainer


Emmitt Thomas

“He has outstanding speed, good range, long arms, good hands and excellent recovery speed. He has a good temperament.” – Hank Stram, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Class of 2003

 "When I give my speech, I'll tell everyone about Bishop.  Now it'll be remembered forever. I got a lot of calls when I was first nominated from a lot of guys I played with and a lot of Bishop alumni around the world. Now that it's come to truth that I've gotten into Canton, the college will live in the hearts and minds forever.” - Emmitt Thomas, Feb. 2008.  (Bishop College closed in 1988)


Andre Tippett

"Anything LT could do, Andre could do it just as well. He could rush the passer just as well, stop the run just as well, cover backs out of the backfield just as well. He just never got the notoriety of LT because we played up in New England.” – Irving Fryar, former Patriots teammate


Gary Zimmerman

“He’s an outstanding player. He has the size and speed we’re looking for, and he has outstanding athletic ability. I think he can play center or guard, and I’m not so sure he couldn’t play tackle.” – Gil Brandt, former Dallas Cowboys player personnel director, November 1983

“He’s definitely a Hall of Famer. He’s one of the biggest reasons John (Elway) could be the best he could be.” – Dan Reeves, former Denver Broncos head coach

“He’s definitely a Hall of Famer because he did it, did it against some great players, and did it for a long time.” – Dan Reeves, former Denver Broncos head coach

 “He has been very, very productive.” – Forrest Gregg, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Class of 1977