HOF Mail Bag - Anthony Muñoz

Hall of Famers Published on : 10/19/2005
Anthony_MunozHello Mr. Muñoz. I'm a 19-year season ticket holder of the Bengals. With the young Bengals team that may not understand the meaning of Steeler week and with their huge game this week against Pittsburgh, what would you say to them to make them understand what it means to face the Steelers? I would also like to thank you for all you do and did for the Bengals and Cincinnati. - Carl P.S. Whoodey

First of all, I would hope that the guys on the team have some sense of history of what this league is all about and what the Steelers are about. I know that for us they were just coming off the four Super Bowl wins so the coaches really didn't have to say a whole lot. The fact that it's Pittsburgh and they're in the same division should be enough especially with the start they have at 5-1. It's one of those things where hopefully you have some guys that have been around that can communicate that to the young guys. This is what rivalry week is all about even though every game is important in itself. This is huge for this division and for this city.

Anthony_MuñozWho do you think is the best offensive lineman today, and of all-time?

That's a great question. I really like Walter Jones at Seattle. I really like Jonathan Ogden. In fact, Orlando Pace - I just watched him Monday night against Dwight Freeney, he did a great job. As far as interior guys, Olin Kreutz at Chicago is a pretty good center.

As far as best lineman of all time, that's a tough question because there are so many great ones from different eras. A guy that I really enjoyed watching was John Hannah , I don't know if he's the greatest of all time but he's got to be right up there in the top half dozen.

Do you believe that Ken Anderson will ever get inducted into the Hall of Fame. If not, why? He has some great stats. - Randy Smith

I hope he does get inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and exactly for what you said, his stats are unbelievable. I had a chance to play five years with him, a great leader. One of the most accurate quarterbacks I've ever watched. He still has that completion percentage that's way up there. I hope that he gets in; I like to think that he will get in.

Anthony_MuñozMr. Muñoz, you were inducted with Paul Krause, Tommy McDonald, Mike Singletary and Dwight Stephenson. Do the five of you share a special bond because of the time you were able to spend in '98 when you all were inducted? - Scott Bressler, Denver, Colorado

We really do, it's amazing that not only as a group everyone that's in there has a special bond. But your class, there is a special bond between the guys that go in the same year. We have a chance to be at a lot of different functions together and one of the first things that we look for is 'ok how many of the five is at the function' and we try to really say hi to each other and make it a point to get together a little bit. So there is a special bond there.

You were such a superb athlete who flashed the ability to play multiple sports at the collegiate level as well as catch passes in the NFL. Given the opportunity, do you think you could have excelled at another position?

I would like to think that I might have been able to. Given that maybe I was 30, 40 pounds lighter I think I have confidence that I could have probably played tight end. Not a tight end to get down field very far but blocking ability and ability to catch the ball maybe a kind of control type receiver. So I think tight end maybe.