HOF Mail Bag - Lee Roy Selmon

History Published on : 11/17/2005
Mail_BagHello- First of all I would like to thank you for all you have done for the Buccaneer organization. My question is what is your most memorable moment as a Buccaneer? - Thank you, Cpl. Axel G. Lugo, Camp Taqaddum, Iraq

I've had many memorable moments during my career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Probably as a player the most memorable one was in 1979, that '79 season in which we won an opportunity to go into the playoffs against Kansas City here at Tampa Stadium, a 3-0 football game. I thought that was really great for our team. So that's one of the highlights.

How did you manage to stay so motivated and dominant during the early years when Tampa Bay struggled? - Ferry Lee, Sydney, Australia

I enjoyed the game. It was a lot of fun to play and I really valued the opportunity to play in the National Football League and wanted to contribute. The goal was to contribute as much as I possibly could to the success while we were building the team. In order to do that I just felt like I had to go out in practice and in games and do the very best that I possibly could.

SelmonHello Mr. Selmon, my name is Sgt. Richard A. Marshall and I am in the U.S. Army currently serving in Iraq. I am also a 1994 Eufaula High graduate and I was just wondering what it felt like to go from such a small town to playing in front of thousands of people at the pro level? Also, I just wanted you to know that your brother Dewey spoke at my H.S. graduation.

Wonderful, it's always nice to hear from a fellow Eufaula Ironhead. It really doesn't matter what part of the country or the world actually that you grow up in, but we were blessed to be in a wonderful community like Eufaula. And with our parents establishing a solid foundation about life and going about it in a positive and constructive type of way was truly a blessing. I think all that the community contributed to my growing up, the friends that I had there, the coaches, and the players I played with and the teachers who really encouraged us to do well academically. It all came together and you never know what can happen in your life. Small towns are great places to grow up in.

Mr. Selmon, during your career you were nearly impossible to block and caused so much chaos for offensive teams. Thinking back, who were some of the most difficult offensive linemen to go up against in your mind? - Scott Bressler, Denver, CO

Selmon Each one on them were very difficult when I look (back at) my professional career, it's at a level where all the players are highly talented and skilled and you really have to go out and try to play at your best.

Some of them I know, from Chicago there was tackle by the name of Jim Covert who came in there from the University of Pittsburgh and I found him to be a very talented and intelligent player. He used great techniques and was very physical. Also Anthony Muñoz  who played with the Cincinnati Bengals who is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  (He) was just a dominating offensive tackle. I'm glad they were not in our conference. That means I didn't have to play against them every year, but mainly just in preseason and a game or two during our career.

You were the best I ever saw. I loved to watch you and your brother play this game. I've been a Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan ever since the day you and Dewey were drafted. Are there any Selmon grandchildren that play football? - Darren Quigley, Mesa, Arizona

A few grandchildren that participated in football.  My son Lee Roy Jr. played here at the University of South Florida. His career ended a year ago and he is now in the work force, happily employed. I have a nephew, Dewey's son, who is currently playing for Wake Forest. He is a tight end on their team and I'm just very proud of both of them and their efforts.