History Published on : 11/16/2005

Each Wednesday throughout the 2005 NFL season, examines a current NFL record.

Priest_Holmes Shaun Alexander of the Seattle Seahawks is on a record pace to set the NFL mark for touchdowns in a season. With seven games remaining in the season, Alexander will have to find the end zone 10 more times to reach the 27 scores by Priest Holmes of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2003. Holmes scored all of his TDs on the ground that year.

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Holmes broke the mark set three seasons earlier by Marshall Faulk of the St. Louis Rams. Prior to Faulk, the record was owned by Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys.

Holmes, Faulk, and Smith are in good company with the players who had previously held the record. Dating back to 1941, every player who established the record for touchdowns in a season has been enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Progression of a Record – Touchdowns, season
27 – Priest Holmes, Kansas City Chiefs, 2003 (27 rushing)
26 – Marshall Faulk, St. Louis Rams, 2000 (18 rushing, 8 receiving)
25 – Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys, 1995 (25 rushing)
24John Riggins, Washington Redskins, 1983 (24 rushing)
23O.J. Simpson, Buffalo Bills, 1975 (16 rushing, 7 receiving)
22Gale Sayers, Chicago Bears, 1965 (14 rushing, 6 receiving, 2 returns)
20Lenny Moore, Baltimore Colts, 1964 (16 rushing, 3 receiving, 1 fumble return)
19Jim Taylor, Green Bay Packers, 1962 (19 rushing)
18Steve Van Buren, Philadelphia Eagles, 1945 (15 rushing, 2 receiving, 1 return)
18Jim Brown, Cleveland Browns, 1958 (17 rushing, 1 receiving); 1962 (13 rushing, 5 receiving)
17Don Hutson, Green Bay Packers, 1942 (17 receiving)
12 – Don Hutson, Green Bay Packers, 1941 (10 receiving, 2 rushing)
12George McAfee , Chicago Bears, 1941
11 – Andy Farkas, Washington Redskins, 1939 (5 rushing, 5 receiving, 1 return)

Other Milestones
2000 St. Louis Rams - Team passing yards, season
Michael Strahan - Sacks, season
Paul Krause - Career interceptions
LaDainian Tomlinson - Consecutive games scoring a touchdown
Willie "Flipper" Anderson - most yards receiving, game
Marvin Harrison - Most receptions, season
 1978 Patriots - Most yards gained rushing
 Tom Dempsey - Longest field goal
 Jerry Rice - Career receptions
 Eric Dickerson - rookie rushing mark