Steelers Game Quotes

General Published on : 8/6/2007

Pittsburgh Steelers Player Quotes

QB Ben Roethlisberger
On playing against the Saints:
“It feels good to play against guys other than ourselves. It went pretty well for the first group.”
On what Bruce Arians has brought to this year’s offense:
“He has done a good job but I have to attribute a lot to our offensive line like always. They did a great job in pass protection, opened some holes and got us into the end zone.”
On the connection with WR Cedrick Wilson:
“It’s hard to find a rhythm so early. The second play of the game was designed for him and pretty much only him so it was open and I threw it deep to him. The next one to Ced I was just trying to find the open guy.”
WR Cedrick Wilson
On having a rhythm with QB Ben Roethlisberger:
“He came up to me at practice this week and told me he was going to be looking for me. I appreciate that and can be thankful for that. I just want to go out and make plays for him and make sure he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league.”
On having Bruce Arians as the new offensive coordinator:
“Coach Arians likes to put the ball in the air. If we execute, he will do it (throw the ball) more often. We have a pretty good young quarterback and we just have to make plays for him.”
DE Aaron Smith
On holding the Saints starting offense scoreless:
“I really think we came out and had a good showing but we still have a lot to improve on. We will have to watch the film and see what mistakes we made and get better.”
On what you can improve on as a defense:
“It’s hard to say without seeing the film. You really can’t tell.”
On what you can get out of the first preseason game:
“I think just coming out and playing hard. Guys hitting someone else and getting some contact.”
LB Larry Foote
On holding the Saints starting offense scoreless:
“That is our whole mindset to hold them scoreless. They are a great offense so we knew it would be a good challenge for us. We’re pumped up. They put some points up against us last year (in the regular season) and anytime you hold that first-team offense scoreless, you did a pretty good job.”
On playing against someone other than your own teammates:
“It feels good hitting another color (uniform). This is how we want to play all season. We want to be dominating this year.”
On what you want to get out of playing this first preseason game:

“Since we didn’t play much, it’s more for the younger guys to see what they can do. Our backup guys won’t play as much during the regular season so this is mainly for them.”

WR Santonio Holmes
On how you feel and whether you are 100 percent:
“I’m probably not 100 percent but I was out there reading and running and giving my whole effort on the field.”

On getting in the rhythm of the game:
“I think I was ready to play after catching that first pass and making a couple blocks. The more opportunities that you get, the better you start feeling.”

On what Coach Arians brings to the offense:
“He has a good group of receivers that can make plays and he is going to put it up in the air.”

OT Max Starks
On playing left tackle and whether you are comfortable with the position:
“It still takes some getting used to because I haven’t taken that many snaps in training camp. It’s just like riding a bicycle – once you get back on it takes a couple plays to get used to it and now I’m starting to feel more comfortable.”

On the continuity of the offensive line:
“I definitely think we are coming together. It’s always good having guys with experience playing together.”

On what Coach Arians brings to the offense:
“I think he’s done a lot of stuff to change it up. He’s making the defense think a little more and gets them out of position. We need to capitalize on their mistakes.”