On the line with a Hall of Famer

Hall Info Published on : 9/22/2008

A quick chat with Pro Football Hall of Famer Paul Krause

Hall of Fame safety Paul Krause was in Canton to participate in the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Golf Classic, a fundraiser for the museum.

Krause, the NFL’s all-time leading interceptor, also brought a unique piece for display at the Hall. His custom made motorcycle features the autographs of 130 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The bike will be on exhibit at the Hall of Fame for the next several weeks. (See story>>>)

PFHOF.com: What’s more likely to happen – someone breaking the record of getting more signatures than you have on your bike or someone breaking your interception record?
PK: Well, I hope neither one happens. I don’t know. I got the bike here with 130 signatures. I think and I’ve been told that’s the most signatures on any one item that the Hall knows. That’s a lot of signatures, and I’m proud of the bike. I’ve been able to do what nobody else has been actually able to do.

PFHOF.com: Seriously now, 81 interceptions! How long do you think that record will last?
PK: I think God only knows that answer. It’s been there for some 30 years now and it’s probably one of the records that’s been standing for the longest time. It’s going to take a pretty good football player to break that record. I remember Ronnie Lott when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame he says, “how in the world did you ever catch 81?” I don’t know. I’m proud of that record and the fact that I’ve done something that nobody else has done.

PFHOF.com: Do you remember all 81?
PK: No way!

PFHOF.com: Is there one that stands out above all the others?
PK: I have an interception on the top of the gas tank. In 1964, I intercepted two passes against the Cleveland Browns and I took one away from Jimmy Brown and I have that action shot right on the top of the bike.

PFHOF.com: Did you know Emlen Tunnell (whose record Krause broke to become the NFL’s all-time leading interceptor)?
PK: Oh yes.

PFHOF.com: How important was it to break the record held by someone like him?
PK: At the time, it really wasn’t that important to me. You know, I wanted to break the record of course after I got real close. But, Emlen was a friend of mine. We both went to Iowa and I became fairly close to him. It was an honor for me to break his record.

PFHOF.com: You’re in town for the golf tournament. What’s your prediction on how you’re going to play tomorrow?
PK: I used to play every day. But now I haven’t played much. I might play once a month and so my prediction on how I will play is I’ll probably hit some good shots and some bad shots.

PFHOF.com: Can you give us a prediction on the Vikings season this year?
PK: Oh boy, now you’re really hitting me with some hard questions. I hope with Gus Frerotte, that they do real well. I think that they need his leadership. I don’t think he’s the type of quarterback that’s going to set the world on fire. But, if he goes out there any doesn’t make the mistakes – the mental mistakes, the interceptions or giving the ball away, I think they’ll do real fine. They have a great running back in Adrian Peterson and of course their defense is pretty good too.