NFL's All-Decade Team of 1960s

General Published on : 1/16/2010

The National Football League's All-Decade Teams have been determined by the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Selection Committee.

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The popularity of professional football exploded across the country during the 1960s with great expansion occurring throughout the decade. By 1965, a Harris Poll determined that pro football was this nation’s favorite sport. It has remained that way ever since.

The decade began with the birth of a rival league, the American Football League and ended with the two leagues coming together following a merger agreement that was signed in the summer of 1966. That deal brought about the Super Bowl, a joint draft, and ultimately a merged league starting in 1970. It also brought about the naming of not only annual All-AFL and All-NFL teams but an overall “All-Pro” team for the last three seasons of the 1960s.

When it came time for the All-Decade Team, the AFL named its All-Time team (see 50 Years After below) using members of the Hall of Fame’s Selection Committee who represented each of the AFL's clubs cities.

The entire Hall of Fame Selection Committee picked the All-Decade Team of the 1960s that included five players who had been named by the same committee a year earlier to the NFL’s 50th Anniversary All-Time Team.

50 Years After
Throughout the 2009 NFL Season, profiled the American Football League in an online exhibit called 50 Years After. The features were part of the AFL’s 50th Anniversary Season celebration. Included in the special section was a rundown on the AFL's All-Time Team - OFFENSE | DEFENSE