Bill Dudley's Enshrinement Speech transcript

Hall of Famers Published on : 2/4/2010

Bob Waterfield
Well thank you so much, and I’m very happy to be back at this wonderful affair. The boy that I’m going to introduce, to me is one of the finest competitors that I’ve ever seen in the game of football and if you add the talent that he had to go along with that aggressiveness you have to have one of the finest football players that ever played. It’s my pleasure to introduce Bill Dudley.

Bill Dudley
There’s not much that one who the game of football has meant so much to as your truly can say at this moment. Football has been a part of my life for the past 35 or 40 well that past 45 years, and I hope it’s part of my life for as long as I live and particularly this Football Hall of Fame. I feel humble very humble to be considered to be a member as well as to be as considered a part of Pro Football because it’s great today, it was great years ago when it was first started here in Canton, and it’ll be greater tomorrow. Thank you.