Marv Levy to be Honored at World Series

Hall of Famer and Buffalo Bills legendary head coach Marv Levy will be honored during game 3 of the 2016 Worlds Series on Friday.
In a special presentation that will take place in the middle of the fourth inning, Levy will be recognized on the field at Wrigley Field.  
A native of the South Side of Chicago, Levy is a dedicated and a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan.
Following his high school graduation from South Shore, Levy enlisted in the Army Air Corps and spent the remainder of World War II in the military. While on furlough from his duties, the lifelong fan attended the Cubs last home game of their last appearance in the World Series in 1945.
Though he had to stand in line to purchase his ticket, the Cubs thought it would be befitting to have Levy out to the first home game of the World Series and not have to wait in line for a ticket.
In an exclusive letter written to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Levy mentioned how excited and honored his is of the Cub’s kind gesture.
This is not the first time Levy is being honored in his hometown of Chicago. He was a part of the Hometown Hall of Famer program, where Levy returned to his roots of South Shore High School and dedicated a bronze plaque in honor of the community that laid the groundwork that made him a Hall of Famer.
Be sure to check back to next week, for an exclusive interview with Levy reliving his experience of being honored during the 2016 World Series.