Hall of Famers on Madden Video Game Cover

Some football fans know John Madden as the Hall of Fame head coach that never had a losing season with the Oakland Raiders. He also led the franchise to a victory against the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XI. Other fans know him as a television broadcaster on Monday Night Football. Most fans though know him as the name behind the iconic video game series, Madden Football.

It was recently announced that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be featured on the cover of the upcoming video game Madden NFL ’18. He will join an impressive list of players (and a coach) who have been featured on the cover of the iconic game. It’s an honor for players to be selected as the face of the video game for a season.

Four Hall of Famers have graced the cover. They include Madden (1989-2000), Marshall Faulk (2003), Brett Favre (2009) and Barry Sanders (2013).





The popular game has made more than $3 billion in revenue since 1988.

Sanders talked to Bleacher Report and said that being selected was "extremely meaningful." He also added, "[It] introduces me to so many new fans that didn't see me play and adds so much extra to the career that I had and the way it is remembered. It almost makes me cool and hip!"

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