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On May 22, HOF Productions produced an 85-minute internet livestream hosted by the Hall’s Jamir Howerton. Its guests included Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Buckeye Health Plan. The show, on HOF Facebook, drew more than 30,000 viewers and was nationally recognized in the media.

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This week, HOF Productions will present social media videos that not only capture the best moments of this seminal event, but also the post-event interviews with the HOF Team of Aeneas Williams, Anthony Muñoz, Darrell Green, HOF Ambassador Iman McFarland and the eight young students who participated in the show. The HOF Team quartet had visited 29 cities over the last three years in front of thousands of young adults – live and in person as well as livestreamed productions – on the issues of bullying, self-esteem, suicide and drug addiction. With COVID-19 prohibiting live crowds, their work and messages of hope and inspiration continued on May 22 and this week.

Today and through the rest of the week, HOF Social Media will post:


Show Summary from May 22nd Livestream


Gold Jackets Anthony Muñoz and Aeneas Williams



Gold Jacket Darrell Green and HOF Ambassador Iman McFarland



HOF Team testimonials about students


Before-and-after confidence growth - A student participant, Chloe, speaks during the live event and one week later about her improved confidence.

Friday (Cont.)

More post-event student testimonials