The Mission featuring Quentin Williams (D2C)


Hall of Fame Productions continues to celebrate the excellence of African American legends and pioneers whose lives have been influenced by the game of football.  

Quentin Williams, a former Boston College standout who played during the Doug Flutie era, is the founder and CEO of Dedication to Community. He is one of the most diverse, impressive and fascinating community leaders of our time.

D2C is a national nonprofit aimed at creating a better world. It has spent the better part of two decades offering educational and training tools for bridging communication between local communities and law enforcement.

On “The Mission” podcast, he shared his journey – what it was like growing up in poverty with a learning disability, the values learned from the gridiron that propelled him to get a football scholarship at BC, his work as an FBI agent and his time working as an executive in the National Football League and National Basketball Association.

Williams authored the book “A Survival Guide; How NOT to get Killed by the Police” in 2015.

In the book and on the Mission podcast, Williams recounts his interactions with police, which included being stopped for “driving while Black,” and once being mistaken for a suspect and handcuffed while he was an FBI agent, complete with badge and gun.

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