The Mission featuring Rod Graves, Executive Director of the Fritz Pollard Alliance


Hall of Fame Productions sat down with former general manager of the Arizona Cardinals and new executive director of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, Rod Graves, for an in-depth interview on the life and legacy of Hall of Famer Fritz Pollard.

Graves’ experience spans over 37 years as a football administrator of the National Football League. He is now leading the charge for the Fritz Pollard Alliance. 

The mission of the FPA is to champion for diversity in the NFL through educating, advocating for, hiring and promoting minority candidates for all positions on NFL franchises. Those positions include head coaches, coordinators, assistant coaches, scouts, general managers and front office staffers.

On “The Mission” podcast, Graves shares his journey throughout league and the valuable lessons he learned at an early age from his father, the late Jackie Graves, who was the former player personnel executive of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Listen to these lessons and more that have shaped Graves’ focus of the future work he hopes to accomplish in his new role. He looks to ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity and a seat at the table.

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