Class of 2022: Richard Seymour thankful for those who helped, opposed him along way

By Daniel May
Pro Football Hall of Fame

RICHARD SEYMOUR is preparing to be the 40th defensive lineman enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this August.

A 12-year veteran who had stints with the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders, Seymour finished his career with 57.5 sacks and 824 total tackles. His 39 sacks with the Patriots rank seventh on the team's list of all-time sack leaders.  

Although Seymour’s individual stats are his alone, he shared in a recent interview conducted by Pro Football Hall of Fame staff that his stats are more than just numbers. He said they are indications of success that his family, teammates and coaches had in getting him to this point. 

"My mom taught me empathy and my dad taught me discipline. I got the tough love side and the nurturing side. It made me a well-rounded person," shared Seymour. "I feel like this is where I got my foundation." 

Seymour would go on to give credit to others for shaping him into a Hall of Famer.  

"I learned so much from my former teammates. Willie McGinest taught me how to be a pro and to take care of my body. TY LAW taught me how to find joy in the struggle." 

However, Seymour didn’t stop there. Although it is common for Hall of Famers to thank those that helped them along the way, it is unusual for them to thank their opponents. Seymour, however, did exactly that.  

"There were a lot of great linemen that took the best out of me," Seymour said. "JONATHAN OGDEN and WILLIE ROAF are among them. To have my name bound with theirs forever in the Pro Football Hall of Fame is an honor." 

Seymour displayed integrity and humbleness in his remarks, both of which are defining qualities of a Hall of Famer.  

In addition to his recognition, Seymour talked about having the will to win.  

"I hate to lose. Winning is everything and it's the most important thing you can do." 

This, according to Seymour, is what separates a true competitor from other athletes.   

"Doing what needs to be done has always been my philosophy." 

And throughout his career, Seymour did what needed to be done to become a Hall of Famer.

Daniel May is a student at Buffalo State University and is an intern this summer at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.