'The Mission:' Haggar Clothing Co. CEO Michael Stitt joins the show

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is ready for the 2022 NFL season, and the newest episode of “The Mission” is now available.

While teams around the National Football League are on bye weeks, the Pro Football Hall of Fame has given its Hall of Famers the week off as well.

Next week, "The Mission" will resume with a Hall of Famer to break down some of the league’s prime-time matchups, historical matchups and current news storylines within the NFL. 

This week, "The Mission" podcast hosted Michael Stitt, president and CEO of Haggar Clothing Co., which produces the official Gold Jacket of the Pro Football Hall of Fame — one of the three iconic symbols associated with Hall of Famers.

Stitt, who has been with Haggar for 23 years after starting his career as the director of merchandising, sourcing and sales for Mister Leonard, shares the rich history of Haggar and the amazing partnership it has with the Hall  of Fame on the latest episode of the Mission.

“The mission and purpose of Haggar is to enrich the quality of lives that we touch,” said Stitt.

“An important part of the last four-plus-decades has been the lives of the Hall of Famers, of their families and the fans. So, the fact that we can play a small part in them receiving the Jacket and appreciating the Jacket is just really gratifying,” concluded Stitt.

Haggar has been a proud partner of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and supplier of the Gold Jacket since 1978.

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