NFL teams to demonstrate support for Bills safety Damar Hamlin in week 18

​With millions of fans keeping Buffalo Bills' safety Damar Hamlin in their thoughts, the NFL on Friday announced a series of activations in support of Hamlin that will occur across the league in Week 18.

All 32 clubs have the option to utilize the following activations with specific call-outs noted that will be unique to Buffalo.

Pregame moment of support

The NFL distributed a public address announcement that teams are encouraged to read prior to the national anthem as a unified show of support for Hamlin, the first responders and medical caregivers. The announcement will be accompanied by a scoreboard graphic of Hamlin.

Field painting

All teams may outline the "3" in each 30-yard line number on the field in either Buffalo Bills Red or Buffalo Bills Blue.

Pregame shirts

During warm-ups, all players throughout the league will have the option to wear black Nike t-shirts displaying "Love for Damar 3."

During warm-ups in Buffalo, Bills players will wear a similar Nike shirt but in the team's royal blue. New Era hats embroidered with a "3" on them will be provided to Bills football personnel to wear during warm-ups.

"3" Jersey Patches for Buffalo

"3" jersey patches will be worn by the Buffalo Bills in Week 18.

Fans, clubs and players have been incredibly generous in support of Damar's GoFundMe fundraiser. A fund has been established by his family at The Giving Back Fund and donations can now be made directly by visiting

Read the full news release from the NFL here.