Browns' mascot Chomps opens 'A Legacy Unleashed' exhibit at Hall of Fame with 'guitar-smash'

Exhibits Published on : 3/6/2024

The Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Browns teamed up to kick off a new exhibit celebrating the storied history of the franchise with a bang!

A guitar-smashing event featuring team mascot Chomps opened the exhibit, "A Legacy Unleashed" presented by SERVPRO, at 9 a.m. March 15 at the front steps of the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. 

The guitar-smashing replicated how the team opens its games at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Chomps stuck around for some photos with fans for a short time after the Hall opened at 9 a.m.

"A Legacy Unleashed" honors the history of the Browns, highlighting the franchise's eight championships, including a celebration of the anniversaries of the 1954 and 1964 NFL title; how PAUL BROWN'S influence is felt in professional football still today; MARION MOTLEY'S and BILL WILLIS' reintegration of football as part of “The Forgotten Four” and other special elements. Player appearances each of the six weekends in the exhibit’s run will highlight the programming schedule. 

“A Legacy Unleashed” is scheduled to run from March 15 to April 26.

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