Darrell Green - Notes & Quotes

Darrell Green - Notes & Quotes

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Scored the first time he touched a ball in the NFL, with a 61-yard punt return against the Atlanta Falcons in a preseason game

Holds record of interception a pass in 19 straight seasons

Named to the NFL’s All-Decade Team of the 1990s

Played in 295 career games. Only Hall of Famers to have played in more career games are George Blanda (340) and Bruce Matthews (296).

Named the NFL’s Man of Year in 1996.


“I don’t think anyone makes a game plan to go against Darrell Green. You can’t make a living going against Darrell Green.” – Emmitt Thomas, former Redskins secondary coach and Class of 2008 Enshrinee

“When you talk about corners today, you start with Albert Lewis and Darrell. And I don’t think Albert Lewis matches up each week the way Darrell does. That’s why I think for what we ask Darrell to do, he’s the best.” – Emmitt Thomas

“Darrell is a big part of the tradition and the success of this organization.” – Norv Turner, former Redskins head coach

“He’s the first guy in every drill and has just a tremendous attitude about playing in this league. He obviously has the respect of everyone in this organization and throughout the community.” – Ron Lynn, former Redskins defensive coordinator

“He doesn’t stay down. That characteristic has always been evident.” – Ron Harms, former Texas A&I head coach

“The way Darrell Green plays, he’s so quick, you’re not going to shake him. He’s going to be right there.” – Jimmy Smith, former receiver

“He’s got great, great feet and switches direction so well. When you come out of a cut, and if you fake one way and he closes that way and you go another, he whirls around so fast that it’s like he never went the other way. It’s like he was on the same path the whole time.” – Alvin Harper, former NFL wide receiver

“I love playing against Darrell. Defensive backs and receivers will talk and cuss and fuss to get you out of your game. But he’s not that way. He plays the game. He’s not a dirty guy. You’ll be walking back to the huddle, and he’ll be smiling and say ‘Good route, good play. But I’ll get you next time.’” –  Irving Fryar, former NFL wide receiver

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