Frequently Asked Questions - Distance Learning

Frequently Asked Questions - Distance Learning

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Is there a fee for each conference?
Point-to-point conferences - $50
Multi-point conferences and special seminars - $35 (arrangement must be made by your school with a bridging service – any additional fees for connectivity are the school’s responsibility)
Video only - $20
All fees must be guaranteed (purchase order) at least one week in advance to scheduled conference.
Invoice will be sent after the scheduled session takes place.

How do I schedule a conference
Programs are available Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM ET.
We recommend a maximum of 50 students to maximize interactivity.
Complete our registration form to set a session date. Forms can be sent via USPS, e-mail, or by fax.
We will attempt to schedule you for your preferred date and time, but please have an alternate date/time available.
Typical session length is 40-50 minutes unless otherwise noted in the program description.
Groups should be connected 15 minutes prior to session time in case of any last minute technological adjustments.
Once registration form is received a confirmation letter, session information form, and supplemental lesson will be sent to you electronically.

What technology requirements are there?
Participants must have access to two-way audio-video conferencing at speeds of 384k or faster. Actual speeds will be determined on a per session basis.
IP connections only (unless arrangement are made by your school with a bridging service – any additional fees for connectivity are the school’s responsibility).
A test connection is required within one week of your scheduled session.

What is your cancelation policy?
There is no charge to cancel or reschedule your videoconference more than 48 hours prior to your confirmed date and time. If you cancel your program within 48 hours of the confirmed date of the videoconference session, you will be charged for the full price. If you need to reschedule your session within 48 hours before the confirmed date of the program, you can do so one time free of charge. Rescheduling a confirmed program more than once will result in a $20 administrative fee for each rescheduled program. Inclement weather, technological problems on our end, and any other uncontrollable factors will be taken into account.

Are there any pre- and post-session activities?
Each program is supplemented by a lesson aligned with national standards of education. These activities are designed to better prepare your students for a more engaging and worthwhile educational experience during your scheduled session. After the broadcast, these activities will allow teachers to assess what students have learned. Pre-visit activity must be completed in order to participate in the scheduled session.

Any other questions?
If you have any other questions please contact our Education Department at 330-456-8207 or

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