Gold Jackets in the News - July 14, 2015

Gold Jackets in the News - July 14, 2015

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Stay up-to-date on your favorite Hall of Fame players. Check out these stories and see what’s new!

Harris to Make Historic Trip to Scotland

Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Franco Harris will be joining golf pro Renee Powell for a historic trip to Scotland for this week’s British Open tournament. Powell will become one of the first seven female members of the Royal and Ancient Gold Club in St. Andrews.  Read More>>>

10 Things to Know About Randy White

Did you know Dallas Cowboys legend Randy White boxed another NFL legend at Caesars Palace Pavilion? This is just one of 10 facts to know about White. Check Out the Others>>>

Sanders vs. Bieber

Deion Sanders has performed on the football field and now he will perform on stage. Sanders will face off against Justin Bieber on the TV show "Lip Sync Battle," which airs this Thursday at 10 PM EDT. We're on #TeamDeion! Details>>>

Lott Recalls Amputation

It hit home for Ronnie Lott, when New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul lost his right index finger after a Fourth of July fireworks accident. The gold jacket made the decision nearly 30 years ago to amputate part of his finger. Lott recalls that decision. Full story>>>

Bettis Thinks Peterson can Break Smith's Record

Even though Adrian Peterson trails Emmitt Smith’s all-time rushing record by 8,166 yards, the soon-to-be enshrined Jerome Bettis thinks the Minnesota Vikings running back has a chance to break the record. Find out what Bettis had to say>>>

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