Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2013 Semifinalists Career Capsules

Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2013 Semifinalists Career Capsules

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Larry Allen

Position: Guard/Tackle
Years/Teams: 1994-2005 Dallas Cowboys, 2006-07 San Francisco 49ers

College: Sonoma State, Butte Junior College (Calif.)
Drafted: 2nd round (46th player overall) of 1994 draft by Dallas Cowboys.

Seasons: 14
Games: 203
All-Pro: 7
Pro Bowls: 11

Notable: Allen is a member of the NFL’s All-Decade Team for the 1990 and 2000s.

Morten Andersen

Position: Kicker
Years/Teams: 1982-1994 New Orleans Saints, 1995-2000, 2006-07 Atlanta Falcons, 2001 New York Giants, 2002-03 Kansas City Chiefs, 2004 Minnesota Vikings

College: Michigan State
Drafted: 4th round (86th player overall) of 1982 draft by New Orleans Saints

Seasons: 25
Games: 382
All-Pro: 5
Pro Bowls: 7
Career Stats: 565 Field Goals, 849 PATs for 2,544 career points

Notable: Andersen retired as the NFL’s all-time leading scorer and leads two teams (the Saints and Falcons) in career field goals and points.


Steve Atwater

Years/Teams: 1989-1998 Denver Broncos, 1999 New York Jets

College: Arkansas
Drafted: 1st round (20th player overall) of 1989 draft by Denver Broncos.

Games: 167
All-Pro: 2
Pro Bowls: 8
Career Stats: 24 interceptions for 408 yards and 1 TD

 Atwater's selection to seven straight Pro Bowls from 1990-96 is tied for the franchise record with Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe.

Jerome Bettis

Position: Running Back
Years/Teams: 1993-95 Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams; 1996-2005 Pittsburgh Steelers

College: Notre Dame
Drafted: 1st round (10th overall) of 1993 NFL Draft by Los Angeles Rams

Seasons: 13
Games: 192
All-Pro: 2
Pro Bowls: 6
Career Stats: 3,479 carries for 13,662 yards, 91 touchdowns; 200 receptions for 1,449 yards, 3 touchdowns. 

Notable: At the time of his retirement Bettis ranked 5th in rushing yards.

Tim Brown

Position: Wide Receiver/Kick Returner
Years/Teams: 1988-2003 Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders, 2004 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

College: Notre Dame
Drafted: 1st round (6th overall) of 1988 NFL Draft by Los Angeles Raiders

Seasons: 17
Games: 255
All-Pro: 2
Pro Bowls: 9 
Career Stats: 1,094 receptions for 14,934 yards and 100 touchdowns. 

Notable: Brown had 80 or more receptions in nine seasons over a 10-year span. He also was lethal return man, his 19,682 all-purpose yards still ranks fifth all-time.


Cris Carter

Position: Wide Receiver
Years/Teams: 1987-89 Philadelphia Eagles; 1990-2001 Minnesota Vikings; 2002 Miami Dolphins

College: Ohio State
Drafted: 4th round of 1987 NFL Supplemental Draft by Philadelphia Eagles
Seasons: 16
Games: 234
All-Pro: 2
Pro Bowls: 8
Career Stats: 1,101 receptions for 13,899 yards and 130 TDs

Notable: Retired as the NFL’s second all-time leading receiver. Three times Carter led the NFL in touchdown catches.


Don Coryell

Position: Head Coach
Years/Teams: 1973-77 St. Louis Cardinals; 1978-1986 San Diego Chargers

College: Washington

Coach of the Year Awards: 1
Division Titles: 5
Career Record: 114 wins, 89 losses, 1 tie including playoffs 

Notable: Under Coryell’s direction, the Chargers led the NFL in passing seven out of eight seasons.

Roger Craig

Position: Running Back
Years/Teams: 1983-1990 San Francisco 49ers; 1991 Los Angeles Raiders; 1992-93 Minnesota Vikings

College: Nebraska
Drafted: 2nd round (49th overall) of 1983 NFL Draft by San Francisco 49ers

Seasons: 11
Games: 165
All-Pro: 1
Pro Bowls: 
Career Stats: 1,991 carries for 8,189 yards, 56 touchdowns; 566 receptions for 4,911 yards, 17 touchdowns. 

Notable: At the time of his retirement, Craig ranked in the Top 20 career leaders in both receptions and rushing yards.

Terrell Davis

Position: Running Back
Years/Teams: 1995-2001 Denver Broncos

College: Long Beach State; Georgia
Drafted: 6th round (196th overall) of 1995 NFL Draft by Denver Broncos

Seasons: 7
Games: 78
All-Pro: 3
Pro Bowls: 3 
Career Stats: 1,655 carries for 7,607 yards, 60 touchdowns 

Notable: Significantly increased yardage total each season until he suffered knee injury. In 1998, he became the fourth player in NFL history to rush for 2,000 yards in a season.


Edward DeBartolo, Jr.

Position: Owner
Years/Teams: 1977-2000 San Francisco 49ers

Notre Dame

Division Titles: 13
Conference Titles: 5
Super Bowl Titles: 5

Notable: DeBartolo transformed the 49ers into one of the most dominant dynasties in NFL history.


Kevin Greene

Position: Linebacker/Defensive End
Years/Teams: 1985-1992 Los Angeles Rams, 1993-95 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1996, 1998-99 Carolina Panthers, 1997 San Francisco 49ers

College: Auburn
Drafted: 5th round (113th overall) of 1985 NFL Draft by Los Angeles Rams

Seasons: 15
Games: 228
All-Pro: 2 
Pro Bowls: 5
Career Stats: Amassed 160 sacks. Also had 5 interceptions for 53 yards, 1 TD; 3 Safeties, and 2 fumble recoveries for touchdowns. 

Notable: Greene twice led the NFL in sacks, the first time in 1994 with the Steelers and again two years later in Carolina. He had 10 or more sacks in a season 10 times during his career.


Charles Haley

Position: Defensive End/Linebacker
Years/Teams: 1986-1991, 1999 San Francisco 49ers, 1992-96 Dallas Cowboys

College: James Madison
Drafted: 4th round (96th overall) of 1986 NFL Draft by San Francisco 49ers

Seasons: 12
Games: 169
All-Pro: 2
Pro Bowls: 5
Career Stats: Recorded 100.5 sacks. Had one safety and one fumble recovery for a touchdown.

Notable: Haley holds the NFL record for most Super Bowl victories by a player. He won three with the Cowboys (XXVII, XVIII, XXX) and two with San Francisco (XXIII, XXIV).


Joe Jacoby

Position: Tackle
Years/Teams: 1981-1993 Washington Redskins

College: Louisville
Drafted: Signed as a free agent by Washington in 1981

Seasons:  13
Games:  170
All-Pro: 3
Pro Bowls: 4

Notable: At the time of his retirement, Jacoby was the only offensive lineman in Redskins history to score a TD.


Albert Lewis

Position: Cornerback
Years/Teams: 1983-1993 Kansas City Chiefs, 1994-98 Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders

College: Grambling State
Drafted: 3rd round (61st player overall) of 1933 draft by Kansas City

Seasons: 16
Games: 225
All-Pro: 2
Pro Bowls: 4
Career Stats: 42 interceptions for 403 yards and 1 TD;  12.5 career sacks and one safety.

Notable: Lewis retired as the NFL’s record holder for most blocked kicks in a career.


John Lynch

Position: Free Safety
Years/Teams: 1993-2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2004-07 Denver Broncos

College: Stanford
Drafted: 3rd round (82nd player overall) of 1993 draft by Tampa Bay

Seasons: 15
Games: 224
All-Pro: 3
Pro Bowls: 9
Career Stats: 23 interceptions for 204 yards and 13.0 career sacks.

Notable: Lynch registered nine seasons in which he logged 90 or more tackles.


Karl Mecklenburg

Position: Linebacker 
Years/Teams: 1983-1994 Denver Broncos

College: Augustana (SD); Minnesota
Drafted: 12th round (310th player overall) of 1983 draft by Denver Broncos.

Seasons: 12
Games: 180
All-Pro: 4
Pro Bowls: 6
Career Stats: 79.0 sacks, five interceptions for 128 yards, one safety and two fumble recoveries for a TD.

Notable: Mecklenburg is the only player in Denver Broncos history to record four sacks in a game twice.


Art Modell

Position: Owner
Years/Teams: 1961-1995 Cleveland Browns, 1996-2003 Baltimore Ravens

Notable: Modell worked closely with former NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle to establish NFL Films and became its first chairman. He also was an important negotiator with ABC to launch Monday Night Football.


Jonathan Ogden

Position: Tackle
Years/Teams: 1996-2007 Baltimore Ravens

College: UCLA
Drafted:  1st round (4th player overall) of 1996 draft by Baltimore Ravens

Seasons: 12
Games: 177
All-Pro: 6
Pro Bowls: 11
Career Stats: 2 receptions, 2 touchdowns

Notable: Ogden was the first player ever drafted by the Baltimore Ravens franchise.


Bill Parcells

Position: Head Coach
Years/Teams: 1983-1990 New York Giants, 1993-96 New England Patriots, 1997-99 New York Jets, 2003-06 Dallas Cowboys 

College: Colgate, Wichita State
Seasons: 20
Division Titles: 5
Conference Titles: 3
Super Bowl Titles: 2

Notable: Parcells is a two-time NFL Coach of the Year recipient (1986, 1994)


Andre Reed

Position: Wide Receiver
Years/Teams: 1985-1999 Buffalo Bills, 2000 Washington Redskins

College: Kutztown
Drafted: 4th round (86th overall) in 1985 NFL Draft by Buffalo Bills

Seasons: 16
Games: 234
All-Pro: 3
Pro Bowls: 7 
Career Stats: 951 receptions for 13,198 yards and 87 touchdowns. 

Notable: Reed had 50 or more receptions in 13 seasons, which rank him third all-time. Also, at the time of his retirement his 951 career receptions ranked third all-time.


Warren Sapp

Position: Defensive Tackle
Years/Teams: 1995-2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2004-07 Oakland Raiders

College: Miami (FL)
Drafted:  1st round (12th player overall) of 1995 draft by Tampa Bay.

Seasons: 13
Games: 198
All-Pro: 4
Pro Bowls: 7
Career Stats: 96.5 sacks, 4 interceptions for 8 yards and 1 TD, and 4 receptions for 39 yards and 2 touchdowns

Notable: Sapp was voted to both the NFL’s All-Decade Team of the 1990s and 2000s.


Will Shields

Position: Guard
Years/Teams: 1993-2006 Kansas City Chiefs 

College: Nebraska
Drafted: 3rd round (74th player overall) of 1993 draft by Kansas City Chiefs.

Seasons: 14
Games: 224
All-Pro: 3
Pro Bowls: 12

Notable: Shields was selected for the NFL's All-Decade Team in the 2000s.


Michael Strahan

Position: Defensive End
Years/Teams: 1993-2007 New York Giants

College: Texas Southern
Drafted:  2nd round (40th player overall) of 1993 draft by New York Giants.

Seasons: 15
Games: 216
All-Pro: 5
Pro Bowls: 7
Career Stats: 141.5 sacks and 1 safety, 4 interceptions for 124 yards and 2 TD

Notable: Strahan holds the NFL record for most sacks in a single season when he recorded 22.5 during the 2001 season.


Paul Tagliabue

Position: Commissioner
Years/Teams: 1989-2006 National Football League

College: Georgetown, New York University

Notable: In 17 years as commissioner of the NFL Tagliabue grew the league from 28 to 32 teams and supported the construction of 20 new stadiums. He also created a league-wide internet network and the NFL Network.


Steve Tasker

Special Teams/Wide Receiver 
Years/Teams: 1985-86 Houston Oilers, 1986-1997 Buffalo Bills

College: Dodge City CC (KS), Northwestern
Drafted: 9th round (226th overall) of 1985 draft by Houston Oilers.

Seasons: 13
Games: 169
All-Pro: 5
Pro Bowls: 7
Career Stats: 51 receptions for 779 yard and nine TDs, 44 kickoff returns for 910 yards and a 20.7 average, 32 punt returns for 335 yards and 10.5 average

Notable: Tasker is the only special teams player to be selected as the Pro Bowl’s MVP when he did so in the 1993 game.


Aeneas Williams

Position: Cornerback/Safety
Years/Teams: 1991-2000 Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals, 2001-04 St. Louis Rams

College: Southern University
Drafted: 3rd round (59th overall) of 1991 NFL Draft by Phoenix Cardinals

Seasons: 14
Games: 211
All-Pro: 4
Pro Bowls: 8 
Career Stats: 55 interceptions for 807 yards and 9 touchdowns. 

Notable: At the time of his retirement, Williams ranked tied with Hall of Famer Ken Houston for second on the NFL’s all-time list of interception returns for touchdowns with nine.


George Young

Position: Contributor
Years/Teams: 1968-1974 Baltimore Colts; 1975-1978 Miami Dolphins; 1979-1997 New York Giants; 1998-2001 National Football League

College: Bucknell University, Johns Hopkins, Loyola

Division Titles:  6
Conference Titles: 4
Super Bowl Titles: 3

Notable: Young was honored as the NFL’s Executive of the Year five times (1984, 1986, 1990, 1993, 1997).

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