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Hall hosts 7th Annual Electric Football Super Bowl and Convention

More than 1,500 football fans of all ages and from all over the country attended the 7th Annual Electric Football Super Bowl & Convention at the Pro Football Hall of Fame this past Saturday and Sunday. The convention offered many unique exhibits, merchandise and prizes, but the largest attraction was the electric football tournament, which was open to both adults and children.

Ron Bell of New Orleans, Louisiana won the men’s tournament championship after defeating David Redmond, Jr. of Decatur, Georgia by a score of 30-24. This was the second straight year that Bell has won the championship.

Joyce Rogers of Akron, Ohio was crowned the women’s champion. She defeated 13-year-old Elly Hargrave of Nichelson, Pennsylvania 6-0 to win her second title in the three-year history of the tournament. The young Elly, however, was named the 2000 Newcomer of the Year for her efforts.

A senior (children ages 11-15) and junior (ages 4-10) tournament took place as well. Twelve-year-old Chris Boosalis of Montgomery, Maryland won first-place in the senior division after defeating D.C. Smith, 12, of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Two children shared the spotlight in junior play, Dylan Vitali, five, of Cleveland, Ohio, and Cooper Lycan, six, of Fairfax Station, Virginia.

The 2000 Electric Football Player of the Year Award was given to brothers Mark Klingbeil and Bill Klingbeil. Mark, from Crinth, Texas, and Bill, an Akron, Ohio, resident, were instrumental in organizing the location of the Electric Football Super Bowl & Convention at the Hall of Fame.

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