Throwback Game of the Week trivia answers

Throwback Game of the Week trivia answers

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Bears Trivia

1. Who holds the team record for passing yards in a season?
a. Sid Luckman
b. Jim McMahon
c. Erik Kramer
d. Johnny Lujack

Answer: Erik Kramer passed for 3,838 yards in 1995.

2. Who owns the Bears record for points scored in a game?
a. Gale Sayers
b. Walter Payton
c. Kevin Butler
d. Johnny Morris

Answer: Gale Sayers scored six touchdowns (36 points) on Dec. 12, 1965.

3. Who had the longest kickoff return in Bears history?
a. Gale Sayers
b. Willie Gault
c. Devin Hester
d. Willie Galimore

Answer: Sayers returned a kickoff 103 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sept. 17, 1967.

4. Who holds the team record for receiving yards in a game?
a. Willie Gault
b. Harlon Hill
c. Johnny Morris
d. Marty Booker

Answer: Hill had 214 yards against the San Francisco 49ers on Oct. 31, 1954.

5. Which Bears player was voted to the most Pro Bowls?
a. Gale Sayers
b. Mike Singletary
c. Dick Butkus
d. Walter Payton

Answer: Linebacker Mike Singletary was selected to 10 straight Pro Bowls.

Colts Trivia

1. Who holds the Colts’ record for receiving yards in a single game?
a. Raymond Berry
b. Marvin Harrison
c. Reggie Wayne
d. Roger Carr

Answer: Raymond Berry’s 224 yards receiving against the Washington Redskins on Nov. 10, 1957 remains a team record.

2. Who holds the record for most seasons in a Colts uniform?
a. Ray Donaldson
b. Raymond Berry
c. Johnny Unitas
d. Rohn Stark

Answer: Unitas played 17 seasons with the Colts (1956-1972).

3. Who was the Colts first head coach?
a. Weeb Ewbank
b. Keith Molesworth
c. Don Shula
d. John Sanduskey

Answer: Molesworth led the Colts to a 3-9-0 in 1953.

4. Who owns the Colts record for longest field goal?
a. Bert Rechichar
b. Raul Allegre
c. Dean Biasucci
d. Dan Miller

Answer: Miller kicked a 58-yard field goal against the San Diego Chargers on Dec. 26, 1982.

5. Who is the only player in Colts history to rush for 200 yards in a game?
a. Edgerrin James
b. Lenny Moore
c. Joe Washington
d. Eric Dickerson

Answer: James had a pair of 200-yard games a member of the Colts (219 yards at Seattle on Oct. 15, 2000 and 204 yards at Chicago on Nov. 21, 2004).

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