Throwback Game of the Week trivia answers

Throwback Game of the Week trivia answers

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Thanksgiving Trivia

1. The NFL’s first champions also played on Thanksgiving during the league’s inaugural season in 1920. Which team was this?
a. Akron Pros
b. Canton Bulldogs
c. Columbus Panhandles
d. Rochester Jeffersons

Answer: Akron defeated Canton, 7-0 on Thanksgiving Day 1920.

2. Which of these former Packers receivers once scored four touchdowns on Thanksgiving?
a. James Lofton
b. Sterling Sharpe
c. Don Hutson
d. Antonio Freeman

Answer: Sharpe had four TDs against the Cowboys in 1994.

3. Which Lions receiver still shares the record for catches in a Thanksgiving Day game?
a. Brett Perriman
b. Jim Gibbons
c. Ron Jessie
d. Herman Moore

Answer: Perriman had 12 catches against the Vikings in 1995. The Colts’ Marvin Harrison tied the mark in 2004.

4. True or False? The Dallas Cowboys have won on Thanksgiving Day in each of their five Super Bowl championship seasons?
a. True
b. False

Answer: False. There seems to be no correlation to Thanksgiving and Super Bowl championships for the Cowboys as Dallas is 3-2 on Thanksgiving Day during their championship seasons.

5. The first 400-yard passing game in Detroit Lions history came on Thanksgiving. Which of these quarterbacks accomplished the feat?
a. Scott Mitchell
b. Bill Munson
c. Bobby Layne
d. Jon Kitna

Answer: Mitchell threw for 410 yards against the Vikings in 1995.

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