Super Bowl Rematches

Super Bowl Rematches

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The Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots will face off in Super Bowl LII this Sunday. This will be the second time the two franchises have met in the Super Bowl. The previous time was in Super Bowl XXXIX in which the Patriots bested the Eagles 24-21.

This will be the sixth Super Bowl rematch in NFL history. The previous match-ups include the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys (1975, 1978, 1995), Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins (1972, 1982), San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals (1981, 1988), Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills (1992, 1993) and Patriots and New York Giants (2007, 2011).

In the four of the last five match-ups, the team that won the first game also won the second game.

The Steelers and Cowboys have met three times with the Steelers winning the first two match-ups.

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