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Team Floyd Little

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By: George Veras (Executive Producer, Pro Football Hall of Fame)

By now, many fans know that Hall of Famer Floyd Little is battling an aggressive form of cancer. He is receiving treatment in his fight for a cure, thanks to the work of Hall of Fame Health, a subsidiary of the Pro Football Hall of Fame dedicated to helping any NFL Legend.

In addition, Floyd and his wife, DeBorah, have received enormous outreach from his Hall of Fame teammates, the Denver community, the Broncos organization and former Broncos and Syracuse University teammates with support, love and encouragement.

A teammate at Syracuse, former center Pat Killorin, who organized a GoFundMe page to raise $250,000 to offset the expensive costs of treatment, with nearly $60,000 raise to date. “No doubt it will be the toughest fight of his life," Killorin wrote. “Although he has lived a full life admired and enjoyed by many, Floyd doesn’t believe he has yet written, with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the final play of his life.”

Killorin is beyond right when he wrote “he (Floyd) has lived a full life admired.” That story is best told by a small sampling of comments from the GoFundMe page and social media.

Jonathan Hough: Mr. Little’s niece Connie has been a friend of our family for a while now. We just wanted to do something to help. God bless Mr. Little and his family!

Rick Nichols: I worked in the Denver Broncos’ front office 1995-2006 and met Mr. Little then and he exceeded his fine reputation. I just completed my final chemo treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma and wanted to support Floyd in his cancer fight. Believe me, every prayer and act of support is important! Bless you and well wishes!!

Richard Koon: Floyd was a neighbor of mine in Cherry Hills and my daughters babysat for his. He loved bringing his kids by on Halloween because I had some scary sounds playing. When I saw him at a Bronco game many years later, he remembered me and embraced me, as did his wife. That was special; he is special. Hope he conquers this, and I believe he will.

Thomas Callahan: I met Floyd at a Syracuse cocktail party in Boston. I told him that the biggest reason for me going to Syracuse to get my MBA was because of people like him as well as my U.S. Army bunk mate, Ernie Davis. We talked for hours! Hang in there, Floyd!

Phillip Raleigh: Floyd Little is amazing and has helped many people. It's our turn to reciprocate to help him extend his life!

William During: Floyd Little inspired me from the first time I met him. We were teammates at SU, and we both went to Syracuse from Connecticut. Not only did Floyd teach me running back secrets, he also reached out to me as a friend. When I was battling my aggressive prostate cancer, he called me twice to support and encourage me. Floyd is an All-American because he is a loyal family man, a trustworthy friend and a very spiritual man.

Team Floyd has stormed onto the field to get Floyd into the endzone. This week, the Pro Football Hall of Fame will support the fundraising efforts through the GoFundMe page, exclusively posting Floyd’s artifacts graciously loaned to the Hall from collector Chris Paolini for his locker room class exhibit produced by the HOF Museum & Archives departments.


Floyd, from your family here at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, we love you and we pray for you!

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