Throwback Ten: Week 10

Throwback Ten: Week 10

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Each week throughout the 2015 NFL Season, ProFootballHOF.com will preserve some history by taking a look back at a matchup from the weekend’s schedule.

The New England Patriots and New York Giants meet this weekend in a in a cross-conference battle for the first time since 2011. The Giants (5-4), who currently hold first place in the NFC East, look to knock off the Patriots (8-0) from the ranks of the unbeaten.

To help put this rivalry in perspective, one that included some classic Super Bowl battles, here are ten quick historical notes about the Patriots-Giants series.


The Patriots and Giants will meet for the 12th time since their series first game in 1970, the year of the AFL-NFL merger. The Patriots hold a 5-4 edge in regular-season play and the series includes some memorable games despite the relative infrequency of the matchups.


The first game took place at Harvard Stadium, in the Patriots' initial year in the NFL and the last season  in which New England was known as the Boston Patriots. The Giants won 16-0, the only shutout in the series.



The Patriots evened the series four years later with a 28-20 win on Sept. 22, 1974 at the Yale Bowl. Patriots QB Jim Plunkett threw for three touchdowns and Mack Herron gained 191 total yards and scored 12 points.


In 1996, Gold Jacket Bill Parcells returned to the Meadowlands to face the Giants for the first time as the Patriots head coach. The Patriots stole a 23-22 win to clinch a playoff berth after trailing 22-3 in the fourth quarter.


The teams have met in two Super Bowls with the Giants claimed wins in both Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLVI.



Just weeks after defeating the Giants to seal an undefeated regular season, the Patriots faced the Giants in Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, Ariz. where New York ruined the Patriots' bid for a perfect season. Giants receiver Plaxico Burress caught the game-winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter over Patriots defensive back Ellis Hobbs.


Three times these two teams have met in the final game of the regular season. While the Patriots have claimed two out of the three games, the margin of victory for each was three points or less. In 2007, the Patriots captured a 38-35 win to finish 16-0 in the regular season.


Tom Brady and Randy Moss set new NFL records on the same play during the game on Dec. 29. 2007. Brady threw his 50th touchdown pass of the season, while Moss brought it in for his 23rd touchdown reception. The Patriots finish the season with a league-record 589 points and 75 touchdowns.



The last time the teams played in the regular season was on Nov. 6, 2011, at Gillette Stadium. The Giants snapped the Patriots 20-game home regular season winning streak with a 24-20 win. Giants tight end Jake Ballard grabbed the game-winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter.


Metlife Stadium is the eighth stadium to host this series. The others include Harvard Stadium, the Yale Bowl, Giants Stadium, Foxboro Stadium, Gillette Stadium, University of Phoenix Stadium and Lucas Oil Stadium.

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