Top 10 moments of the 2020 NFL draft

Top 10 moments of the 2020 NFL draft

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The top 10 moments from the 2020 NFL draft:

1. Javon Kinlaw's dad

We all have that one family member. Now imagine that family member's favorite team took his son, and that's what we saw early in Round 1. The Auburn defensive tackle's dad fell out of his chair, then posed for the cameras for good measure. Top picks like Kinlaw normally attend the draft in person, so this selection was a gem only possible in quarantine.

2. The chief of the Belichick war room

Exactly no one was surprised when the camera cut to the Belichick house and Bill was nowhere to be found. The replacement, however, was priceless. Nike, the family dog, was sitting in the captain's seat, but we can neither confirm nor deny who actually chose Lenoir-Rhyne safety Kyle Dugger. The people's coach did get a treat later in the evening, though.

3. The Okwara reunion

"We about to be roommates!" Those were Julian Okwara's first words after receiving a phone call from the Detroit Lions, who already employ his brother, Romeo. The Notre Dame edge rusher had plenty of possible destinations on Friday night, but tears of joy streamed down his face when he got word he'd be playing alongside his brother. One of the draft moments where you couldn't help but smile.

4. Kilff Kingsbury's house

Most coaches and GMs drafted from home, but Twitter had by far the most fun with the house of the Arizona Cardinals coach. The sprawling home with a glass wall overlooking a courtyard bears more than a little resemblance to the house in the Academy Award-winning film Parasite. Provided all is well in the basement, Kingsbury should be pretty happy Clemson's Isaiah Simmons was still on the board at No. 8.

5. The Winfields

There were a ton of happy families shown during the draft, but the Winfields might have taken the cake in Round No. 2. Antoine Winfield, Jr., the Minnesota defensive back and son of the former Ohio State star of the same name, was selected 45th by Tampa Bay, setting off quite the celebration in the family's house.

6. Ben Bartch's smoothie

The St. John's (Minn.) offensive tackle went from Division III to NFL draft pick, and part of the reason was a truly mortifying protein shake — term used loosely — that he drank to gain weight. The former tight end revealed that he bulked up to tackle size by blending seven scrambled eggs, grits, bananas, peanut butter, and … Gatorade. It sounds like an awful dare, but Jacksonville selected Bartch in the fourth round Saturday, so choking that concoction down each morning wasn't for naught.

7. The Jordan Love fallout

Maybe it wasn't that surprising that Utah State quarterback Jordan Love came off the board in the mid 20s. The team and the circumstances, however, provided the biggest shock of the draft. Green Bay — which has Aaron Rodgers on the books through 2023 — opted against immediately bolstering a team that went to the NFC championship game to take a backup quarterback. Not surprisingly, Green Bay was widely criticized for the choice (and the two after).

8. Cole Kmet’s Parade

Even in these unusual times, Cole Kmet had a pretty special day. The Notre Dame tight end went 43rd overall to the Chicago Bears, and although he couldn’t host a party, a party came to him.

9. Grant Delpit coming in hot

The LSU safety fell to Cleveland in the second round and quickly became one of the best quotes in the league. In his first media session, he was asked (yet again) about his tackling. He joked he might tackle the reporter who asked the question, then also trash-talked former teammate and new rival Joe Burrow immediately. A man after Cleveland’s heart.

10. The Zimmer Ridge

If I told you that one of the 32 NFL head coaches lives in a hunting-lodge-style house with a mammoth fireplace adorned with taxidermy, it almost has to be Minnesota's coach, doesn't it? Mike Zimmer's offseason home in northern Kentucky looks like it's only accessible by ATV and was designed by Bud Grant himself.

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