College Field Trips

The Youth and Education team is proud to offer a college-level field trip program that allows colleges/universities to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame. These students will have the opportunity to tour the Hall of Fame museum as well as many other options that include:

  • Careers in the NFL Presentation from the Hall of Fame’s Youth/Educational Staff
  • Panel Q&A from selected Hall of Fame Staff Members
  • Behind the Scenes look of the Hall of Fame Archives

For this type of visit, in order to get any of the additional presentations, there needs to be a minimum of 12 participants and we suggest the visit be 3-4 hours to ensure the students have enough time to take full advantage of their visit.

See below for the cost breakdown and visit options:

Group Tour 

  • Minimum of 20 participants: $26.25

Group Tour + Educational Presentation (Careers in the NFL)

  • Minimum of 12 Participants: $26.25

Add-On Options (Extra price is per person)

  • Minimum of 12 Participants
    • Option 1: HOF Staff Q&A Panel             +$10.00/person
    • Option 2: Behind the Scenes Tour         +$20.00/person
    • Option 1 & 2 Together                            +$30.00/person



For more information contact our Youth & Education Team at [email protected]