Arnie Weinmeister

Defensive Tackle

Arnie Weinmeister

6 seasons
4 Pro Bowls
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New York Yankees (AAFC)

New York Yankees (AAFC)

Brooklyn-New York Yankees (AAFC)

Brooklyn-New York Yankees (AAFC)





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"When I start a game I feel that I must hit my opponent first, and hardest…football is a fiercely competitive game, and it’s this competitive aspect—the risk—that heightens the excitement.”

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(Washington)...0'0'', ...Arnold George Weinmeister. . .One of first defensive players to captivate the masses. . .Big, extremely fast with lateral mobility, great ability to diagnose plays. . .Began pro play in AAFC, moved to NFL with 1950 merger. . .Played two ways in AAFC, exclusively on defense in NFL. . . Became the dominant defensive tackle of his time. . .All-AAFC, 1949. . . All-NFL, 1950-1953. . .Named to four Pro Bowls. . .Born March 23, 1923, in Rhein, Saskatchewan. . .Died June 29, 2000, at age of 77.