Paul Krause picks Week 5


THIS WEEK’S HALL OF FAMER: Paul Krause, Class of 1998

Safety Paul Krause began his career with four seasons with the Washington Redskins before moving onto the Minnesota Vikings (1968-1979). Named to eight Pro Bowls, Krause retired as the NFL’s all-time leading interceptor.

Today, he still lives in Minneapolis (but lives in Florida during the winter). He is in his 16th years as an elected official as he serves as the Dakota County commissioner. He also keeps busy building cars and motorcycles as well as owning ice cream stores. Krause, a fine golfer, heads up gold tournaments that have proceeds go to the Hall of Fame Players Assistance Fund.

Paul’s “Hall of Fame” picks of the week.

Bronzed Bust

Minnesota at St. Louis – The best game I want to watch, of course, is the Vikings against the Rams. With Favre, they’re really looking pretty good especially Monday night and the whole country saw that. I didn’t like some of the offensive plays they were calling late in the second half that I felt let the Packers back in the game. But, oh my, you’ve got some real game-changers on the defense. Jared Allen was just unbelievable with 4 ½ sacks last week. I don’t know if he can keep up that pace but his motor just keeps going.

The Rams are struggling. But, you know, in the NFL you never know what’s going to happen. You could go out one weekend and be favored by 30 points and get beat. So, the Vikings can’t overlook a team like the Rams. I have a feeling that Adrian Peterson may want to run a little harder and get that average back up. He’s too good of running back to get just 55 yards. With that said, I’m going with my Vikings.

{GALLERY}Gold Jacket
Pittsburgh at Detroit – Hopefully the Lions win. Being from Flint, Michigan just a short jaunt north of Detroit, I’ve always been a Detroit fan. But, they’re still one of my favorite football teams so I hope they turn it around again and win this football game. They’re playing a pretty good football team. I think if the Lions can hang in there, they might have a shot at it. Roethlisberger is a very good QB, the Steelers move the football pretty good, and they’ve always had a good defense. But, hey, I’m going with one of my favorites and take the Lions in an upset.

Hall of Fame Ring
New England at Denver – The Broncos are 4-0 and you’ve got to like what they’re doing. They have a new coach and a new system in there and they’re playing very well. But, the Patriots are still a premier football team. I don’t think Tom Brady is going to want to lose this game or very many more at all this year because he’s too good of a quarterback. His team is changing, though. They don’t have as good of a football team as they did a few years ago. But, Randy Moss is one of the best receivers I’ve seen in a long time. Even though he’s getting up there in age, he can still run and catch the football. I’m taking the Patriots to give Denver its first loss of year.

Here are the rest of the teams I like to win in Week 5.
Buffalo at home against the Browns
The Chiefs will beat the Cowboys
Giants over the Raiders
Eagles will take care of Tampa Bay
Washington over Carolina
Cincinnati will squeak by the Ravens
San Francisco over Atlanta
Jacksonville on the road over the Seahawks
Arizona will beat Houston
Colts over the Titans
The Jets will win on Monday night against Miami


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