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When I go on vacation or travel around to different locations, I always try to find souvenirs or mementos that are unique to that specific place. Here at the Pro Football Hall of Fame it is no different; many fans are looking for that one-of-a-kind item.

I always try to direct customers to the items that are both team and Hall of Fame related. One of our most popular items is the Team Hall of Fame Legends T-shirts. Customers are usually excited when they discover these shirts. Each shirt features the team logo front and center, and the Hall of Fame logo, as well as, all the team enshrinees on the back of the shirt. Currently, we have 22 teams from which to choose. Recently, we just received three new teams that we have never had before. With the Saints playing in the NFL/Hall of Fame Game this year and former tackle Willie Roaf is a member of the Class of 2012, it was time to create a Saints Hall of Fame Legends T-shirt. The other two new teams are the Seahawks (featuring Class of 2012 enshrinee Cortez Kennedy) and the Cardinals (also playing in the NFL/Hall of Fame Game). For all you Saints and Cardinals fans don’t forget to purchase your tickets to the NFL/Hall of Fame Game or get fan packages for the entire weekend!

Now for some reason if you don’t have a favorite NFL team or you already own your team’s Hall of Fame Legends T-shirt, don’t worry, we have a couple unique t-shirts just for you. The Quarterback or Running Back Hall of Fame Legends T-shirts are a must have for any diehard NFL fan. Each shirt features the Hall of Fame logo on the front, left chest. Then on the back are the jerseys of all the quarterbacks or running backs (featuring Class of 2012 enshrinee Curtis Martin) that are in the Hall of Fame. These shirts will show people how much you love the history of the NFL, and show your appreciation for what all these players did to make the game what it is today.

Show me who your favorite team is by going to our online store and purchasing your team’s Hall of Fame legends t-shirt. Use the promo code STOREBLOG and receive 20% off your purchase. Whether, you are pinning it on Pinterest, tweeting about it on Twitter, or posting/liking it on Facebook, let people know that you really like these team/hall of fame shirts.

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