Don't Fumble a Chance to See the Gridiron Glory Exhibit!

Don't Fumble a Chance to See the Gridiron Glory Exhibit!

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Story Courtest of NGSC Sports

Don’t Fumble a Chance to See the Gridiron Glory Exhibit!

The most extravagant traveling exhibition the United States has ever seen is now back on the road. Gridiron Glory: The Best of the Pro Football Hall of Fame will give fans of the NFL a chance to view hundreds of league artifacts showcased in a 6,000 square foot exhibit. Many of these artifacts have never been seen before this exhibition.

Since the Gridiron Glory began, it’s moved to each city hosting the Super Bowl. This year, Miami plays the host of both the Super Bowl and the traveling NFL Expo. The display will run from September 28, 2019, until February 9, 2020, and will be housed at the History of Miami Museum. Previous stops on the tour include Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Hall of Famers will appear at the display regularly. These NFL greats will make themselves available for tours with fans. Hall of Fame running back, Barry Sanders, is the tour’s national ambassador. One of the most famous artifacts at the exhibit is the jersey worn by Sanders when he crossed the 2,000-yard rushing threshold for only the third time in the history of the league.

There will be interactive multimedia experiences featuring new content from NFL Films. Visitors can play in different immersive fan experiences. There’s also a specially designed “Hometown Tribute” to spotlight the local team, the Miami Dolphins.

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