The 1941 NFL Draft

Tom Harmon, B, Michigan

1946-1947 Los Angeles Rams (two playing seasons)
542 yards rushing
11 interceptions
9 touchdowns

The 1941 NFL Draft PIcks

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Draft# Team Player, Position, College
1 Chicago Bears Tom Harmon B, Michigan
2 Chicago Cardinals John Kimbrough B, Texas A&M
3 Chicago Bears Norm Standlee B, Stanford
4 Cleveland Browns Rudy Mucha C, Washington
5 Detroit Lions Jim Thomason B, Texas A&M
6 New York Giants George Franck B, Minnesota
7 Green Bay Packers George Paskvan C, Wisconsin
8 Brooklyn Dodgers Dean McAdams B, Washington
9 Chicago Bears Don Scott B, Ohio State
10 Washington Redskins Forest Evashevski B, Michigan
  • * Pick acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles
    # Pick acquired from the Pittsburgh Steelers