Class of 2022: Bryant Young intends to uphold Hall of Fame's 'gold standard'

By Daniel May
Pro Football Hall of Fame

When legendary defensive end BRYANT YOUNG walks across the stage Aug. 6 at the 2022 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement, he will solidify his place in football history among the 362 enshrinees. 

During his 14 years with the San Francisco 49ers (1994-2007), Young played 208 games and recorded 89.5 sacks — the second most in franchise history. Young also racked up 504 tackles and 11 forced fumbles. 

His most impressive statistic, however, might be his 14 years with the team. Every snap of his career was in a red and gold jersey. His dedication and loyalty are traits consistent with many Hall of Famers, including the likes of TROY AIKMAN (11 years with the Dallas Cowboys) and fellow 2022 enshrinee LeROY BUTLER (12 years with the Green Bay Packers). 

In a recent interview, Young touched on his gratitude to God for allowing him to play for one team his entire career. 

“Most people don’t get the opportunity to finish their career where it started,” Young said. “I don’t take that for granted. It’s all God’s timing.”

Young's 14 seasons with the 49ers are enough to place him fourth for games played with the team. 

As Young looks to the future, he admitted he has started to prepare himself to join another team — an eternal one with the other Hall of Famers.

“I’ve thought about how to use this position for a greater good. There’s more responsibility on me now as a Hall of Famer,” he said. “After all, the Hall of Fame is the gold standard.”

Young made it clear the Hall isn’t just a museum, but it is a family that encourages its members to utilize its benefits. 

“The Hall of Fame supports Hall of Famers and their undertakings and their families’ undertakings,” Young said. “The Hall of Fame does an incredible length of things to support Hall of Famers and their communities.”

Young concluded his interview by sharing how he went from playing for an iconic franchise in the 49ers to now being enshrined into “Football Heaven.”

However, he won’t be retiring from this team. 

Daniel May is a student at Buffalo State University and is an intern this summer at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.