'The Mission: Featuring Hall of Fame Presenter Titus Duren'

Every Thursday, Hall of Fame Productions is proud to air a new episode of “The Mission” podcast. During the month of July, we are paying tribute to the “Presenters” of the Class of 2022 at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Throughout the decades of enshrinements, guests have watched a range of former coaches, fathers, wives, sons, daughters, and even high school principals present the newest members into the esteemed Hall of Fame.

Titus Duren, the former high school principal of RICHARD SEYMOUR at Lower Richland, has the honor of presenting his former student into the Hall. Duren joins a list of two other principals who have had the same honor: Willarene Beasley (1988 – HOF Alan Page) and O.K. Fulton (2009 – HOF Randall McDaniel).

“This honor means a lot to me,” Titus Duren said. “I’ve been in education a little over than 50-years and when Richard called to ask me to do this, I was just floored.”