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The Pro Football Hall of Fame received a big gift in preparation for next month's Enshrinement Festival. The family of 2011 enshrinee Les Richter sent a treasure trove of artifacts from the career of former Los Angeles Rams standout linebacker.

Richter, who played nine seasons for Rams from 1954-1962, saved and took great care of the items he received during his football career. As such, the objects sent to the Hall of Fame would be the envy of any pro football collector. The collection includes:

  All of Richter's Los Angeles Rams contracts, Pro Bowl contracts, and official correspondence between he and the team
     Game programs from five of Richter's eight Pro Bowls
     A program from the Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers game on Oct. 23, 1963. The match-up was dubbed "Les Richter Day"
     A leather helmet used during Richter's college career at the University of California
     Richter's last pair of cleats he wore during his NFL career
     A Rams sideline jacket from late in his career
     A Wilson "Duke" game ball
     His 1960 Los Angeles Rams Most Valuable Player Trophy
     Richter's 1954 Los Angeles Rams Rookie of the Year Trophy
     The commemorative gold plate awarded to Richter as a member of the Rams' 40th Anniversary All-Time Team
     Assorted pictures & literature with his name

Richter's son Jon Richter, who will represent his late father during the enshrinement in August, helped coordinate the shipment of the large collection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"The achievements that my father attained on the football field and the memorabilia that he saved are a significant part of professional football's history," commented the younger Richter about the collection of artifacts. "My family and I are so proud of my father and his career. We are absolutely thrilled that these important items will be displayed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame."

A portion of Richter's collection will be displayed in special exhibit devoted to the Class of 2011 inside the Hall's Moments, Memories & Mementos Gallery. The remaining items will be displayed case dedicated solely to the new crop of artifacts.

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