Richter traded for 11 players

Richter traded for 11 players

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Linebacker Les Richter, a senior candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Class of 2011, was the center of one of the largest trades in NFL history. On June 12, 1952, the Los Angeles Rams shipped 11 players to the Dallas Texans for the rights to Richter in what was the biggest trade in league history to that point.

"We regretted giving up many of the boys," commented Hall of Fame tackle Joe Stydahar who served as the Rams coach at the time.

Richter had been drafted second overall in that year's draft by the New York Yanks. Two days after the draft, the team folded and its assets eventually landed with the expansion Dallas Texans. After Richter reportedly made it apparent he wouldn't sign with Dallas, trade talks began.

Among the top players going from the Rams to the Texans were fullback Dick Hoerner and defensive back/end Tom Keane. Hoerner, L.A.'s all-time leading rusher at the time, played just one more season. Keane, a four-year veteran, was reaching the peak of his NFL career. He amassed 32 interceptions in the four seasons after the trade.

After serving two years during the Korean War, Richter joined the Rams in 1954 and turned into one of the finest linebackers of the era. The Texans folded after one season with many of the players landing with the new Baltimore Colts.

Here is a glimpse at the other Rams that were traded for Richter.

Dave Anderson, RB
Never played.

Billy Baggett, HB
His NFL career ended after one season with Dallas in 1952.

Jack Halliday, T
He did not continue his NFL career.

Dick McKissack, FB
Played just one game with Dallas in 1952.

Aubrey Phillips, C
Never played.

Joe Reid, C
Was coming off his rookie season. He played one year with the Texans before retiring.

George Sims, DB
He did not continue his NFL career.

Vic Vasicek, LB
He did not continue his NFL career.

Richard Wilkins, E
Never played.

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