Bob Waterfield Enshrinement speech

Bob Waterfield Enshrinement Speech 1965

Presenter: Pat O’Brien

Thank you very much. Today it is Bob Waterfield' s honor and it's my privilege. He's a young man who led his UCLA team to victory to the Rose Bowl, and as a rookie quarterback took the Cleveland Rams to a Championship, then returned to his home in California and they won three straight championships. Not only has he become now a member of the Hall of Fame of football but long before that he was a family man hall of fame. That's the type of young man he is and it's with great pride and with great joy that I only participate in all the proceedings but to have the privilege of presenting to him the award and greeting him as one of the great members of the great I great football Hall of Fame. God bless you Bob and all of your listeners. Thanks for being here. Thank you.

Bob Waterfield

Thank you very much Pat. And I would just like to take time now to say thank you to everyone, that has been responsible for this. All the people in the Hall of Fame, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and for my family and myself I want to thank the people from this wonderful town of Canton. It' s been a beautiful experience and really one of the highlights of my life. Thank you once again.