Top 20 Interceptions 2014


Interceptions (at start of 2014 NFL Season)

1 Paul Krause* 81
2 Emlen Tunnell* 79
3 Rod Woodson* 71
4 Dick "Night Train" Lane* 68
5 Ken Riley 65
6 Ed Reed 61
7T Ronnie Lott* 63
7T Darren Sharper 63
9T Dave Brown 62
9T Dick LeBeau* 62
11 Emmitt Thomas* 58
12T Mel Blount* 57
12T Bobby Boyd 57
12T Eugene Robinson 57
12T Johnny Robinson 57
12T Everson Walls 57
17T Lem Barney* 56
17T Pat Fischer 56
17T Charles Woodson  55
20 Aeneas Williams 55

* Pro Football Hall of Fame member
Bold - players active during 2013 season
Top 20 lists courtesy of Elias Sports Bureau

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2013 LEADER: Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks (8 interceptions)

SINGLE-SEASON NFL RECORD: Dick “Night Train” Lane*, Los Angeles Rams (14 interceptions in 1952)