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Upon Arrival
Each class is greeted by a Hall of Fame staff person and given a brief presentation (approximately 30-45 minutes). The presentation topic will depend upon the program selection. 

Program Selections:

Click here for a list of current program selections/materials

After the Program
At the conclusion of the presentation the group is released to the general supervision of the attending teachers and chaperones. The tour is self-guided as students explore the museum and answer their field trip questionnaires. In some cases, there will be a museum volunteer who accompanies the group to help navigate the museum.

Field Trip Questionnaires
Each student will receive a field trip questionnaire to be completed while touring the building. The Hall of Fame also supplies pencils to the students. The questionnaires are designed to encourage students to interact with the Hall's colorful and exciting exhibits while practicing such critical thinking skills as comparing, hypothesizing, evaluating and conceptualizing. Questionnaires are grade appropriate. Copies will be provided the day of the visit to the group.

Grades K-2

Grades 3-4

Grades 5-6

Grades 7-8


Pre-and Post-Visit Suggestions
Each program is supplemented by a lesson aligned with Common Core/National Standards of Education.  Click here for more information on these program selections/materials.

Teacher Pre-Visit Program
Whenever possible, teachers are encouraged to make a pre-visit tour of the Hall of Fame facility. Familiarity with the museum will greatly help teachers plan a successful field trip. There is no charge for a teacher pre-visit. Simply notify the Hall of Fame with your expected day and time of arrival.

While the Hall of Fame is happy to accept reservations up to the day of arrival, early reservations are encouraged to reserve your preferred date and time. When scheduling a visit, please specify which program you would like.

Online Registration

Once a reservation has been made, the Hall of Fame will email a confirmation to you.

Please arrive at your scheduled time. Groups arriving more than 15 minutes late cannot be guaranteed a full program.

For more information contact our Youth, Education & Leadership Team at [email protected].