Wayne Millner Enshrinement speech

Wayne Millner Enshrinement Speech 1968

Presenter: Ray Flaherty

Mr. Mayor and Mr. Commissioner. Ladies and gentlemen. This is certainly a privilege to be in here, be here in Canton today to participate in these festivities and it'll be a day I'll never forget. Wayne Millner was a fine college football player; he made a great name for himself at Notre Dame University. One of his most famous efforts was in the game in 1935 between Ohio State and Notre Dame, when Wayne made a thrilling catch in the last seconds of the game to win it for his team. This and many other outstanding feats by Wayne gained him National comments in college football. Wayne contributed just as much to professional football as a member of the Washington Redskins. He was equally as good as a blocker and a tackler, as in those days a player had to play both ways. Wayne would block as well as any of the ends, no matter what size they were or how good they were, in the National League, despite the fact that he only weighed 185 pounds. Wayne was as important as any member of the Redskins in winning four Divisional Titles, and two World's Championship's, as a member of the Washington Redskins, in the years that I was there. I do not know where Wayne would play today if he was on a professional football team, but I do know one thing, Wayne would be on the first team. He's that type of player. He has the ability and the heart and the confidence, that only the top players have. He would probably be a split-end flanker or a defensive back. It gives me great pleasure to present one of the best for this thrilling honor, of becoming a member of Professional Football's Hall of Fame Wayne Millner.

Wayne Millner

Thank you, coach. Ladies ang gentlemen. Hello sweetie, there's my beautiful wife sitting right down there. Just like I rehearsed it, I'd rather be out these covering the kickoff like we used to have to do, I'll be on the receiving end. Ohio's been wonderful to me. Number one is the day Notre Dame played Ohio State in Columbus. We came out in the winning end of the score. Cleveland, I used to play against your old Cleveland Rams, who are now the Los Angeles Rams. Ladies and gentlemen, today, you put me in here at Canton, so, I'm gonna say that Ohio State, the state of Ohio, pardon me, is my second home if it's alright with you. It's an honor to be enshrined with the gentlemen that I'm being enshrined with today. You know it's a funny thing, when you usually get up to make a talk, you tell jokes and things like that, but you can't do that ladies, and gentlemen, today. This is the proudest day of my life, and all I can say is thank you.