George Halas

Founder, Owner, Coach

“Papa Bear”

George Halas

64 seasons
324 coaching victories
6 NFL titles




coaching victories


NFL titles
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"I've loved sports since I was old enough to cross a Chicago street by myself. I'm happy that I made pro football a career. It has been good to me in the material sense, but more important is that I have been associated with youth in all my years as a pro football coach and owner.”

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(Illinois)...0'0'', 0...George Stanley Halas. . .Truly "Mr. Everything" of pro football. . . Founded Decatur Staleys, attended league organizational meeting in 1920. . .Only person associated with NFL throughout first 50 years. . . Coached Bears for 40 seasons and six NFL titles. . . Record mark of 324 coaching wins stood for nearly three decades. . .Recorded many "firsts" in pro coaching, administration. . .Also played end for nine seasons. . . Born February 2, 1895, in Chicago. . .Died October 31, 1983, at age of 88.