Educational Field Trips

The Pro Football Hall of Fame began its award-winning Field Trip Program in 1984. Since then, hundreds of thousands of students have participated. The interdisciplinary program is supplemented by pre- and post-visit classroom activities that are aligned with national standards of education. The curricular area depends upon program selection by a teacher. Participating students are encouraged to use critical thinking skills as they tour the museum with a grade appropriate questionnaire booklet that serves as their guide. A field trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame gives students the exciting opportunity to have a meaningful and educational museum experience while enjoying the excitement of America's most popular sport.

Highlights of the Field Trip
Education-based field trip
Open to grades K-12, public or private school
 Program selections cover a wide range of curricular areas
 Each program is supplemented by a lesson aligned with National Standards of Education
Customized programs to meet curriculum needs
Self-guided tour of museum
Questionnaire booklet to assist while touring (age appropriate and educationally based)
Viewing of the Super Bowl Theater (spectacular state-of-the-art rotating theater)
Certificates and materials for students


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