2011 Preliminary Nominees - by Position


Class of 2011 Modern-Era Preliminary Nominees

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Ken Anderson
Jim Plunkett
Phil Simms
Doug Williams
Ottis Anderson
Jerome Bettis
Larry Centers
Roger Craig
Terrell Davis
Marshall Faulk
Eddie George
Curtis Martin
Brian Mitchell (also KR/PR)
Gerald Riggs
Herschel Walker
Ricky Watters
Tim Brown (also KR)
Cris Carter
Gary Clark
Henry Ellard (also PR)
Herman Moore  
Stanley Morgan
Mike Quick
Andre Reed
Jimmy Smith
J.T Smith (also PR)
Mark Bavaro
Todd Christensen
Ben Coates
Russ Francis
Brent Jones
Shannon Sharpe
Frank Wycheck
Bruce Armstrong, T
Tony Boselli, T
Lomas Brown, T
Jim Covert, T
Dermontti Dawson, C
Jay Hilgenberg, C
Chris Hinton, G/T
Kent Hull, C
Joe Jacoby, T
Mike Kenn, T
Jim Lachey, T
Willie Roaf, T
Steve Wisniewski, G
Al "Bubba" Baker, DE
Dave Butz, DE/DT
Ray Childress, DT/DE
Richard Dent, DE
Chris Doleman, DE/LB
Charles Haley, DE/LB 
Ed “Too Tall” Jones, DE
Cortez Kennedy, DT
Joe Klecko, DE/DT/NT
Dexter Manley, DE
Charles Mann, DE
Fred Smerlas, NT
Cornelius Bennett
Kevin Greene (also DE)
Ken Harvey
Clay Matthews
Karl Mecklenburg
Sam Mills
Darryl Talley
Eric Allen, CB
Steve Atwater, S
Bill Bates, S (also ST)
Joey Browner, S
LeRoy Butler, S
Kenny Easley, S
Lester Hayes, CB
Albert Lewis, CB
Frank Minnifield, CB
Deion Sanders, CB (also KR/PR)
Donnie Shell, S
Aeneas Williams, CB/S
Darren Woodson, S
Louis Wright, CB
Gary Anderson, K
Ray Guy, P
Nick Lowery, K
Reggie Roby, P
Steve Tasker, ST/WR
Bud Carson
Don Coryell
Tom Flores
Jimmy Johnson
Chuck Knox
Buddy Parker
Dan Reeves
Clark Shaughnessy
Dick Vermeil

K.S. "Bud" Adams, Jr., Owner
Bobby Beathard, Administrator
Leo Carlin, Administrator 
Jack Kent Cooke, Owner
Otho Davis, Athletic Trainer
Ed DeBartolo, Jr., Owner
Ron Gibbs, Official
Ole Haugsrud, Owner
Frank "Bucko" Kilroy, Administrator
Art McNally, Official
Art Modell, Owner
Bill Nunn, Administrator
Joe Robbie, Owner
Art Rooney, Jr. Administrator
Caroll Rosenbloom, Owner
Ed Sabol, NFL Films
Steve Sabol, NFL Films
Paul Tagliabue, Commissioner
Jim Tunney, Official
Ron Wolf, Administrator
George Young, Administrator


 2011 Preliminary Nominees Announced
 2011 Preliminary Nominees, Alphabetical
 Hanburger, Richter named Senior Nominees
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Recent Comments
  • bachslunch - August 14 2011 02:09 PM

    troy, it's in fact his receiving stats that help set Marshall Faulk apart from Ottis Anderson, though Anderson was a better pass receiver than some remember. And the difference in career rushing years between the two players is a little over 2000 yards, which isn't exactly "not far off." Anderson was a very good running back, and is arguably one of the best not in the HoF -- but unfortunately, someone has to be. You'll have to ask the HoF voters why they drew the line here.

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  • troy knight - August 03 2011 05:42 PM

    Marshal Faulk was great but the yards are not that far off other than recieving yards but awards ,like super bowls and mvp are no different than oj anderson but marshall gets in .he dseves to but tell me the difference

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  • troy knight - August 03 2011 05:32 PM

    Why is ottis anderson not in the hof rookie of the year,over 10,000 yds rushing,super bowl champion and super bowl mvp.

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  • bachslunch - February 21 2011 05:15 PM

    troy k., Ottis Anderson is arguably one of the best RBs not in the HoF, but somebody has to be -- and it looks like the voters drew the line on HoF worth here. And given that RB is one of the most healthily represented positions in the HoF, it's not as grievous a problem as the HoF's harder line on (for example) safeties, outside LBs, and WRs.

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  • FAN 13 - January 30 2011 08:45 PM


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  • bachslunch - January 04 2011 05:11 PM

    Scott, it in fact was Dan Hampton who made the '85 Bears defense work, tying up blockers in the middle of the opponent's o-line -- he very much deserves his HoF membership. And am thinking the notion that Wilber Marshall was "THE playmaker" for this squad will get legitimate arguments from proponents of Hampton, Mike Singletary and Richard Dent. Marshall is in fact mired in a group of very good LBs of his era, along with folks like Kevin Greene, Cornelius Bennett, Charles Haley, Karl Mecklenburg, Sam Mills, Pat Swilling, Chris Spielman, and Clay Matthews, among others. Rickey Jackson's 6 pro bowls and two 1st team all pro selections (both via NEA) are at the top end of this group, which is a major reason why he broke through into the HoF last year -- note that Marshall went to half as many pro bowls as Jackson did. And any comparisons of your favorite HoF snub to a weak member (such as Fred Dean) is a bad argument. All, except for Marshall and Ray Guy, none of the players you're pushing for are eligible as regular candidates for the HoF anymore.


  • STEVE P - November 26 2010 05:44 PM

    Open your eyes Committee--especially senior's!!!! Where are names like Gabriel, Peirson (Drew) and Kramer? These are the guys that have made this great game--GREAT!!!! Who can forget Kramers block in the ice bowl; Gabriel and Kapp dueling it out for NFC; Peirson's "hail mary" against Vikes?

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  • Jon - November 14 2010 07:16 AM

    I still think Jack reynolds should be in there.

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  • Alan Peel - October 13 2010 09:29 AM

    Hopefully, the Pro Football Hall of Fame would be more willing to enshrine more AFL players, owners, and coaches because they deserve their place in history.

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  • Jeff Oser - September 15 2010 10:45 AM

    Kenny Stabler belongs in The Hall Of Fame! Because of one man's opinion, Paul Zimmerman, he hasn't taken his place in The Hall Of Fame. This is a travesty of commitment to induction process! Ray Guy, also, belongs in The Hall Of Fame


  • Mark - September 15 2010 08:25 AM

    Ray Guy YES. As a long time Steeler fan you knew Ray was going to put you deep in a hole every time he kicked.


  • Raiderfan - September 14 2010 05:04 PM

    I agree...Come on induct Ray Guy

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  • niners2000 - September 14 2010 02:35 PM

    It's a disgrace that Ray Guy is not in the hall already !!

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  • John - September 14 2010 12:59 PM

    I agree with the Ray Guy comment. It is astounding that he is not in.

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  • Scott - September 14 2010 01:40 AM

    Kenny Stabler gets in before Ray Guy does, and If Rickey Jackson is in, then how is Wilbur Marshall NOT? Marshall was THE playmaker on two of the best defenses ever; the '85 Bears (Dan Hampton? Please..) and the '91 'Skins. Fred Dean over Charles Haley? are you kidding?!?


  • Cindy Hinton - September 13 2010 06:11 PM

    Until RAY GUY is inducted in the Hall of Fame, the new list means nothing.


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